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9/24/2018 8:53 am  #21

Re: First few albums/cassettes you owned?


LP  – Kiss Rock and Roll Over
8 TRACK  – Kiss Alive II
Cassette – Police Ghost in the Machine
CD – Talking Heads Little Creatures


9/24/2018 2:30 pm  #22

Re: First few albums/cassettes you owned?

Born 1964       Aerosmith- Rocks LP

“How can I wear the harness of toil
And sweat at the daily round,
While in my soul forever
The drums of Pictdom sound?” 

9/24/2018 3:16 pm  #23

Re: First few albums/cassettes you owned?

Born 1970. First four tapes I bought were Kilroy was Here by Styx, The Blind Leading the Naked by The Violent Femmes, Aerosmith's Greatest Hits, and Steppenwolf's Greatest Hits. I'm not sure what the fifth was, but it might have been Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album.

The first concert I attended was Robert Plant's "Tall Cool One Tour" in 1988. The second was Bob Dylan's infamously bad 1990 performance in Charleston WV (seriously, there was an article in the paper complaining about it 15 years later). I think the third was B.B. King.

Michael Sipe 1979-2018
Rest in peace, brother.

9/24/2018 6:02 pm  #24

Re: First few albums/cassettes you owned?

LP's, baby!
Utopia - Ra
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
Kansas - Leftoverture

Beyond that memory is hazy, probably unreliable. Still love those albums, though...and have them.

"An idea of great merit! While we are alive we should sit among colored lights and taste good wines, and discuss our adventures in far places; when we are dead, the opportunity is past."
Jack Vance, Maske: Thaery

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