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12/26/2022 1:55 pm  #101


## 2022-11-10


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

## 576-12-25

Then go down the stairs.

There is writing on the all of the room

Be respectful of the sleeping.
Honor the pious.

The party starts methodically exploring the hallways that are mostly 5 feet wide.

They find one that is 15 feet wide and it leads to 2 massive, double doors.

They are opened an inside are a lot of columns inside what turns out to be a
hemispherical room with the wide hallways at each of the cardinal points.

There is an outer ring of 12 low, square columns that are 5 feet tall. Grouping
3 at each cardinal point.

Inside that 4 square columns that are 10 feet at each each cardinal direction.
Then just inside that are 4 20 feet high columns in the NW/SE/SW/NE points.
Then 4 more touching at their corners closer to the center. These are 40 feet high.
The central column rises beyond the reach of their lantern.

This room is explored but nothing interesting is found

Halways are followed until in an area somewhere north of the column room is a room
with a pit inside a pit.

Ther is a large, square shaped pit that goes down 45 feet. In the center of that
looks what might be a 5 feet square pit filled with coins and possibly gems.

The party notices as they enter the room they can hear no sound.

Several folks hold a rope that Torcan uses to go down into the pit inside a pit.

He pokes the pile of treasure with a dagger

Torcan takes 2,000gp and 50 gems and splits among the party.

It is noticed that no one can hear any sound as they leave the room.

Torcan puts his bag of loot from the pit down walks away and still can't hear anything.

Verg throws his loot back into the pit and still can't hear anything.

Everyone throws their loot back into the pit and still no sound.

In forced silence they follow a corridor that goes around in a square around the
column room.

One branch goes does a long hallway. It ends with a statue of a bipedal, no nose,
wrong shaped eyes, and 3 arms showing. It also has wings.

Nearby is a room filled with mechanical clocks. They are only recognized as such
because of the few that have the familiar shape, numbers, and such. Most of the rest
aren't conventionally recognizable as clocks.

Making their way around the corridor a room filled from top to bottom with books is
found. Only a few books are in a language or format that is understandable.

Verg finds one he can read. It is a record of deaths. The calendrical system and
place names he has never heard of. Raigunn finds a book of birth records.

Torcan finds a book appears to be random shades and splotches of color

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12/27/2022 10:57 am  #102


## 2022-12-01


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-12-25

It is decided in silence to go back to the room with
gems, jewels, and coin and carry as much as they can.

## 576-12-26

Walk back to Khromarium.

Along the way 16 shortbowmen and about a dozen dogs. They
are confused by the silence problem. They aggressively motion
for the party to move along.

At the gates of Khromarium they are stopped and the guards try
to suss out what is going on.

The group says they are going to go to a temple of Aurorus to figure
out what has happened to them. The guards discuss it for a bit and then
decide to let them enter.

Folks give the party weird looks as they come into their zone of silence,
which happens to end about 15 feet from them.

It is in the evening before they get to the temple. An attendant greets
them and is confused about the silence. Verg pulls out pen and paper and
asks for help with what they think is a curse.

The priest goes to fetch someone. It is Xanthe, the priestess they have dealt
with before. She looks tired.

Written words are exchanged. She steps outside the zone, talks with the attendant.
They run off and come back with a scroll. She reads and then looks at the party.
She closes her eyes as she turns her head and throws an arm across her face.

She faces away from the party. The attendant explains that when she tried to determine what is happening the magic aura coming off of everyone was blinding. Stronger than anything she's ever seen.

After some time she turns around and exchanges more words with Verg.

"I can't help you with this and I'm not sure who can."

More written discussion occurs, particularly the details of what happened: go into room, it's quiet in the room, take out some of the loot found in the room,
leave the room, and the silence follows them, return the loot, silence still there, decide to go back and take as much as they can safely carry. She also asks if the place seemed sacred or evil or something. They think it might have been.

Xanthe ponders this.

"I think this is a god level curse or something"

"From the details I think you need to give back all the loot taken and also perform
a penance."

She emphasizes "give it all back."

The party goes back to the Eel.

The group ponders what to do. An idea is to test the limits of the curse.

Verg would like to throw a low value gem to an urchin. Before he does this he remembers Xanthe, "all the loot must be given back."

This causes another round of discussion. What kind of penance needs to be done?

Verica suggests that maybe the loot was an offering and the penance must be loot as well?

Further discussion results in the idea to go to a library or sage to try to figure out the diety that has been offended.

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12/28/2022 9:32 pm  #103


## 2022-12-08


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

## 576-12-27

Hear about a sage in ward 3 that might help them

They throw rocks at the door. A pictish lady opens the door
sees the stones. She gets irate, flips the party off, and goes
back inside.

They make some signs, throw rocks, and get her back out.

The question asked is "what is the god of the temple that is here?" Given
a map showing where they were.

"Come back in a week and see what I can find". That date will be

Cartimandua, the assistant to Dáirine shows up at the Eel and gets
a note to the group. The research was intense and will cost more.
The total will be 1,600gp

## 576-13-07

They go back and she gives them a report.

"This was a fascinating project. I didn't even know there was
something there and it took some digging but what I found was
very interesting."

"There wasn't/isn't just one diety that seems to be associated with
that area but several."

"Now, the silence thing was the key. I was able to find a religion
that is obscure, maybe dead, it's hard to say. It's kinda the same
isn't it? In any case, the diety is Hish. The God of Silence."

"I'll agree with Xanthe's assessment that you will need to do penance
of a monetary kind for each transgression. I can't answer an amount
since that is diety or transgression specific and I can't find any
mention of any currently practicing clergy."

"Good luck!"

The assistant then herds the party out of the building.

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12/28/2022 9:36 pm  #104


## 2022-12-15


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

## 576-13-08

Approximate total party loot : 11,000 gp available for penance to Hish

Also, the zone of silence has increased from about 15' radius to
20' radius.

Decide to go to the temple and do penance.

## 576-13-09

The day goes by

## 576-13-10

11 wolves attack, 9 are killed, 2 run away

Get back to the temple of Hish.

Take a long time to figure out the minimum penance to be done.

The total penance for each person is 1,100 gp.

122 gp left for each party member.

Torcan writes "Free treasure in here" in the hall outside the

Arsalian adds "You won't hear the end of it"

Now everyone can hear Verica's goat boy ranting.

They decide to go to where they felt vibrations.

The sounds of drumming is obvious.

As they open the door a wave of sound washes over them. It would be loud even if
they haven't heard a sound in almost 2 weeks.

The room is at least 50 feet square and not quite that high.

In the center of the room are pair of raised platforms. The first is about 5' above floor level
with stairs up to it.  The second is 10 feet above the first with a ladder up to it.

The top platform has a person drumming very loudly and passionately.

At each of the 4 corners of the lower platform is a drummer. They are drumming as well but not
nearly as energetically.

A dude waves at them, "Welcome" he says. Everyone decides to go in and talk with him.

Only Arsalian, Raigunn, and Torcan don't feel slow when they enter the room.

He explains this is a temple of Skarl and they are his disciples. Skarl drums so that He Who Must Not Be Named
will continue his slumber.

He Who Must Not Be Named (HWMNBN) created everything and the gods. When we was done he went to sleep. Skarl
knew that if HWMNBN ever woke up he would destroy everything, including the gods. So he started drumming.

"We drum to honor Skarl and to hopefully keep HWMNBN in his slumber as well if Skarl even pauses."

The party asks about the quiet place.

"Oh, Hish. They like their silence. I will warn you though, be respectful and do not take any of the offerings
given to Hish."

He is asked about any other temples.

"There is Hish and Shish that I know of. Kib the Sender of Life has one I believe. As does Mung the Bringer of Death.
Mung is necessary but too bad he is jealous of Kib. There might be others. We mostly stay here and honor Skarl.
Would you by chance want to have a good book of Skarl?"

Verica says yes and he hands her "The Gods of Pegana".

The party is feeling tired and asks if there is a safe place to sleep.

He thinks for a bit, "Yes, I think there might be."

He leads them back to the first room they entered on this level. He goes up to the west
wall and opens a secret door. Behind it is a hallway to another door and they go in.

There is a shrine/altar along the west wall.

The altar has a fresco of a human looking person with a glow
about them sleeping on a bed of large pillows. On the other side
is another glowing human looking person. They appearing to be drumming.

The north wall is a mural of the sky. It is a bright blue sky and puffy clouds.

Along the south wall is a large bed covered in large pillows. It looks similar to the
one in the fresco.

He says, "be careful about sleeping on the bed. It is extremely comfortable and restful."

He bids them a safe and restful night and leaves.

The party checks the place for traps and Emmett checks out the bed.

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12/28/2022 9:38 pm  #105


And now we are caught up to where my campaign is.
I'll have to decide when I post my session summaries.

Mostly because I seem to always find typos when I post them here.

We nominally have a session tomorrow!

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1/12/2023 12:31 pm  #106


## 2023-01-05


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

## 576-13-11

Wake up and go about the day.

Find some skeletons and Ars is able to control them.
They each have a gem in their rib cage. These are of
course taken.

The next cave has 5 wights.

Raigunn and Kalli are able to chew through them without
losing any CN.

The wights had 1,000gp and 6 gems amongst
the corpses, debris, and "meat" in their cavern.

The next room has a richly clad skeleton fighter looking thing.

He says, "you can go no further"

Arsalion sends 3 of his skeleton friends to their end as the
result of the skeleton warrior's two-handed sword.

Raigunn runs in fright at the sight of it.

After a long bout along with some healing support Kalli is able to defeat
it. She however suffered greatly from its mighty sword.

The party searches for Raigunn and then decides to hole up
in a room to rest and heal up.

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1/20/2023 12:44 pm  #107


## 2023-01-12


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

  not present

## 576-13-12

They heal up Kallisto and go back to the room where
the skeleton fighter was.

In the light dust on the floor drag marks can be seen. They
need down a short tunnel to the next cavern.

In that cavern is a large, stone sarcophagus that is 4 feet
wide and 8 feet long and about 4 feet high. There looks
like writing or symbols that no one can decipher on it.

Piled around it are bags of coins and a few gems and pieces
of jewelry can be seen.

Even standing at the entrance to the area a coldness and sense
of foreboding seems to fill the room. Like it's coming from the

Arsalian says it kinda feels like grandma's house as he makes
his way to the other exit to the cavern.

Torcan gets a little close, ponders his option, and moves along.

Emmett decides to toss a flask of greek fire on it as he transits
the room.

In the next room there is an abundance of stalactites and stalagmites.

As the group passes through the room several fall on the party. Aldi
gets hit particularly hard.

Everyone quickly makes there way past this cavern but Emmett gives
his disc that makes things massless to Raigunn and he secures a rope
around himself. Then Raigunn proceeds to move around the stalactites
on the ceiling acting the ones that move. They seem a natural at
pushing off of whatever they are holding and then having enough of
a grip on something to get in a one-handed swing with their

One of them falls next to Emmett. He decides to pick it up. He
has Torcan hold the rope secured to Raigunn.

The last piercer evades Raigunn's attacks for some time. Raigunn
even has a failure of grace and smacks hard into the floor.
However, they are all dispatched but the one Emmett seems to
have ideas about.

He takes the disc back from Raigunn and places it on the base
of the conically shaped rock creature. Making it massless and
easily pushed around.

Shortly after he does this he hears a crunch. The creature falls
and the disc rolls away as it hits the floor. Raigunn kills it.

Emmett examines his disc. It has dozens of scratches on it but
a few deep gouges into the disc. He picks up the broken device
and puts it in his backpack.

(Possible retcon to be determined. The first round the piercer
"attacks" the disc it would have made a horrible "fingernails
on chalk" sound but way worse. So Emmett has a chance on the
round it was damaged to win initiatize and save the disk)

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1/26/2023 6:33 pm  #108


## 2023-01-19


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-13-12

Continuing on from the cavern that attacked the party

They aren't surprised by the ghasts in the next cavern.

The ghasts knock down the skeletons.

Ars casts lightning and it kills a ghast, a skelton,
knocks Verg unconscious, gets to Aldi, Asulfr and Verica.

It peters out before it gets to Kali.

The duo of Aldi and Ars take out last ghast.

One of the ghasts is holding a nice, melted sword.

Arsalian checks out his handiwork

Torcan checks out the loot pile and finds

7 gems
4 pieces of jewelry

They continue on to the next cavern to fight some ghouls.

Raigunn and Arsalian get paralyzed and carried off to the
side and get a bite or two taken out of them.

In the debris and carrion 5 pieces of jewelry and 2 scrolls
are found.

It is decided to stay in the cavern and rest up for the
remains of the day

Explore some more. Find some giant black centipedes but they
mill about in their debris.

However, several small lizards with wings that breathe fire
cause mayhem on the party.

Verg gets flamed unconscious. Aldi is severely burned.

Alsufr however is unaffected because of his ring.

Raigunn eventually gets enraged and smashes the last 2 until
bloody, flaming pulp but doesn't take out any rage on the nearby

The party holes up in the mini-dragon cavern and rest up.

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1/28/2023 7:17 pm  #109


So, one of my players misread my name in a post on mastodon. They read it as "goatboy". Their nickname for Zilzoon Qaan from The Brazen Bull.

He's been quite the nemesis for them.

So, on a lark I decided to make a fediverse account for him so he can taunt them on social media, too

I also created a web page so the account can be "verified" :-)

I might have too much time on my hands or too much whimsy

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2/02/2023 11:05 pm  #110


## 2023-01-26


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-13-12

During the first watch a loud noise is heard. Then what sounds like a
door slamming. Then footsteps.

There is some grunting heard. Then Verg and Aldi is an ugly orc looking
into there cavern. It grunts at them.

Verg grunts back. The orc has a look at it's face. Grunts something

Verg tries his best to convey "everything is ok you can go" politely in

The orc gives another look...grunts then leaves.

The rest of the night passes without incident

## 576-13-13

The go to the cavern with the door, presumably where the orc(s) came out

It is stuck but it gets opened. A bendy hallway leads to another door with what
looks like a small slot in it at eye level. While checking it the slot opens. An
eye looks at the party, a grunt is heard, and the slot is closed.

A few beats later the slot opens again "What do you want?"

Verg was at the door and answers. "The usual"

"Safe passage is 5sp each"

Verg says that seems a bit expensive.

"Ok, 6sp each"

The party thinks for a bit and decides to pay. It is noted that if they don't
like what happens they can always get back off of the corpses.

They are let in. One of the orcs points at another orc and tells Verg, "Follow him"

The party is lead along hallways, through 2 rooms, and eventually end up in a third room.
There are stairs going down.

The orc mentions payment on the way back as well.

The stairs lead to a room with broken wooden strewn about the room.

The take the door that is in the "south" wall of the room. It is decided to take
the left when presented with a choice.

Hallways are followed and then a series of 4 rooms are found. In each are ape like men.
They are asked where the loot is, "Not here, elsewhere".

This plays out roughly the same at the 3 other rooms. Sometimes Emmett is a bit loud when
checking the door for traps and the ape-like men open it.

Sometimes the party just opens the door and says "Housekeeping", close the door, open
it, and say "Just kidding".

A winding set of hallways ends in a door. The knock and a gruff voice says "What?"

Some parley through the closed door is had but the door isn't breached. Retracing their
steps they check a door. Raigunn opens it. Inside are 2 tall things that have barbs all
over their scaly skin, body, and tails.

"Excellent. Some new toys", one says.

Raigunn fights the one and Verg tries casting spells. The spells don't seem effective,
ice darts nor slow. Raigunn is able to push the creature back and close the door.

Nothing happens.

After a short while it is decided that Raigunn will open the door and use the horn of

This is done and 10 wild berserkers appear.

5 of the berserkers appear to freeze up as the barbed creatures attack, killing several
berserkers out right. The one is able to engage Raigunn in melee.

The second creature continues the slaughter but in its exuberance it happens to tail whip
itself quite grievously.

Raigunn continues the fight but is getting weakened.

The creature is able to be pushed back and the door closed. Behind it can be heard the loud
slaughter of creatures.

Another door is tried and it has stairs leading down.

These are taken.

They lead to a semi-circular room with a wide hallway going "south".

It ends in a pair of double doors. They are deepest black. They have the appearance of knapped flint
or obsidian. There are sturdy, black iron handles set in them.

Verica checks for traps but finds none.

Kallisto opens the door. The are smooth, silent, and easy to open.

Behind the doors is a pedestal. It looks like there might be gems set in the top of it but one would
have to go in the room to confirm that.

There are 5 circles in the room in an X pattern. The 4 circles in the corners have a triangle inside each
of them. The circle in the center a pentagram.

Inside the circles are demonic looking creatures. "Welcome" they say.

During the conversation Verica asks if any of them have heard of Zilzoon.

The two in the back seem to recall him.

"Whiny b**** if I recall correctly"

The party asks about loot and one of the chatty ones in the back says he can show them fantastic wealth.

It says look in the pedestal, there are gems of fantastic wealth there.

Torcan and Verican go in the room to investigate. In inset on the top of the pedestal are 5 gems. Each at least
the size of their fist. They are arrayed in a similar congruence to the circles and even have similar diagrams
they are in the center of.

Torcan asks if the fantastic wealth is dangerous.

"Well it could be. You can trust the wrong person and they take it all. You can use it to
buy...what's that stuff called?....Sugar. You can buy lots of sugar. Nasty stuff that"

"Or, you can become bored with such wealth."

Torcan asks what's behind the other doors in the room. The doors are in the center of the 4 walls of the room.
Each of the other 3 is of the same construction as the one the entered from the "north".

The party exits out the "eastern" door. Nearby they find a small library. The "western" wall is a bookcase
filled with books. A quick skim from Verg and he determines they are related to demonology.

The party decides to spend the rest of the day here. Reading, healing, and otherwise recharging.

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2/09/2023 10:54 pm  #111


## 2023-02-02


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-13-14

The hallway going north is taken. It winds around until a very
wide, 25 feet, hall leading to a massive arch, 50 feet high.
The archway is made of deep blue stone that is marbled with
what looks to be copper.

Aldi shoots an arrow into the room. He here's what sounds like the
arrow hitting stone and shattering.

The room is massive, 75 feet square. There are four 10 foot diameter columns.

In the center of the room is a 3 feet high platform of the same
stone as the archway. There is a 5 foot square column coming down
from center of the vaulted ceiling. It stops 7 feet about the
plus sign looking base.

Verg approaches the base. He can feel magic vibrations emanating
from the base and hanging column.

He then stands on one of the corners of the base. There the
magic "tastes" like the magic you use when identifying magic items

He asks for some gem stones. the stones feel like the want to be
places in the corners of the base.

nothing happens...there is a slit...harmonizing of the magic
vibrations but it doesn't sound...right, maybe the gems aren't
the right size or something

Verg then leaves out of a smaller archway, of the same material
as the huge arch, into a smaller hallway.

The needs to a smaller tee going north and south

Aldi , Raigunn, and Torcan explore to the north. The find a door.

Behind that door are 3 more doors in each of the cardinal
directions. Torcan checks the door to the east and then
Aldi opens it and goes in. He disappears.

Torcan ties a rope around himself and has Raigunn act as an
anchor. He goes into the small room and he disappears with
part of the rope.

Not sure what to do other than not go through the door Verg
and Raigunn head south.

At the edge of their light they see a wight along with some
zombies. They don't get any closer.

Verg runs up and throws a volley of ice darts at the wight. He
hits it 3 times but does seem to have an effect on it.

The do see what looks like a shadow untethered from a human.

It is decided to just leave them be.

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2/16/2023 10:30 pm  #112


## 2023-02-09


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-13-14

After getting bored with the undead that isn't entering
the hallway the group decides to explore further.

The go back into the large room with the pillars and column
in the ceiling and take the stairs up.

This leads to a room a couple of couches, tables, and chairs.

A door in the northwest corner of the north wall is checked by
Verica. Then Raigunn opens in.

This opens into a room. Sitting in a very comfortable and luxurios
chair is human looking person. They have dark blue skin, bright red
hair, and shocking yellow eyes.

"I don't remember you", he says in a deep, calm voice.

"Oh we're just housekeeping", replies Raigunn.

"No, no you are not."

Verica asks, "Have you heard of a guy named Zilzoon?"

"I have not"

Conversation leads to him explaining that the other door in the room he
controls. You come through that door and he charges folks to use the door
they party came in. "To get to the level below"

After a little discussion the group decides to go back the way they came.

The wide hallway heading west is taken, then "south" down the hallway that
lead to the undead and then to a hallway that heads east.

A four way intersections is found. To the north it leads to the hallway that
heads east out of the room with demons and circles/diagrams.

The next four way intersection is 10 feet wide north and south and still 5 feet
wide east west. The wide hallway going north leads back to the demon room. South
goes to undeads. About this time Torcan shows up.

Torcan explans he appeared outside the drummers area. He went back up and around and
paid the orcs again their toll, and made his way back to the group.

The hallway goes west for sometime and then T's north and south. The hallway is 10 feet
wide. South does to more undead, and north continues on.

Heading north the get to another four way intersection. All of the hallways are 10 feet
wide. There might be rooms to the north and west and the hall extends east.

Raigunn goes into the room in the west. As he steps in he feels a deep calm descend on
them and a clear mind.

The walls, ceiling, and floor look to have writing on it. Raigunn can only read one of
the inscriptions, "Don't pray to the Sleeper"

Some other folks poke their head in and find that phrase in the other languages they know.

Aldi makes his presence know as the party is about to investigate the room to the north.

There is a mural that covers the walls. Starting on the left hand side as you enter
the room they see a figure they recognized as He Who Must Not Be Prayed To,

There is a dais at the far end of the room.

There are 2 statues on the dais. Each 12' tall.
One a perfect human specimen
the other a monstrous creature with wings, 3 eyes,
and 5 fingers and 3 thumbs on each of its hands on 2 arms.

The mural starts on the left hand side with the creation of everything and the gods.
Then MANA sleeping then Skarl drumming, and then a series of dreams.

The dreams continue and change as the mural goes behind the winged statue.
MANA is seen waking, the world being destroyed, the gods being destroyed,
MANA walking away and then oblivion on the wall to the right as one walks into the room.

There are a few instances of the mural on the right that the monstrous, winged
creature is scene destroying things.

When Torcan is still a "safe" distance from the statues he notices a glint of gems in their
eyes and gold rings on each finger.

He is tempted but refrains from theft.

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## 2023-02-16


    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)

  not present

    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

## 576-13-14

Two rooms with very spartan beds that are just bed frames and woven
rope. There are also mats.

These lead to a long temple with pews that are carved out of the stone

There many murals of MANA in various forms. They are echoes that can
be recognized as MANA.

Emmett draws zzzz's on the sleeping images of MANA and blankets
and I Hate Mondays.

They find a hallway with 8 statues of various avatars of MANA. On the
wall opposite are images of that avatar.

Verg and Emmett go back into the room with demons and such.

Verg asks where the easiest to get loot is?

The one closest to him that spole with them before says, "I have a price"

Verg asks.

"See that lectern over there. There are gems set in diagrams. The one congruent
to mine is my payment"

Emmett goes over and looks at the lectern. He notes the type of each gem:

The gems are:
  - Black star sapphire
  - Diamond
  - Jacinth
  - Oriental Emerald
  - Ruby

It is decided to take the northern door out of the demon room and go up
the stairs at then.

Then the get back to the stairs that the orcs led them to.

Verg goes up to the door and tries to open it and can't. He does notices
a little slot.

"We're back"

"Huh, you are. Hold on."

The slot shuts, a bolt is thrown, a bar is heard being moved, and the door opens.

Verg looks in and see a narrow hall, cattle chute really, made of wood. In the tiny gaps
are spears poking out as well as one crossbow bolt.

"Throw down your loot and we'll take our cut"

Verg replies,"We have been to the depths, talked to demons, and faced monsters. We came back from that."

"Yep. Your loot"

"Let me talk with my folks," Verg says as he leaves the room and the door is closed, bolted, and barred behind

The party discussions their options. Most of variations on killing the orcs. Torcan notes there is a way
to a different part of this area. Most of the party thinks that involves the doors he and Aldi walked

It is finally decided to go back down and find another path.

The party decides to explore parts of this area they haven't explored instead of revisiting places they
have been and exists/stairs they have used.

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