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4/09/2022 1:41 pm  #1

RAW or modded

General question to the community. Do you and your group run prewritten adventures RAW (Rule As Written)? Or do you mod it for your tables needs/wants? 
I'm a tinkerer so I mod lots

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4/09/2022 5:39 pm  #2

Re: RAW or modded

Back in 1985 (or 1986, not sure), I ran two sessions of Tomb of Horrors at a gaming convention. Beyond that, I have never used published adventures at all (I might borrow a map and completely restock it though).

ETA: Not saying I don't buy published adventures, of course. I just never get any direct use out of them. I don't trust my players not to peek. https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/wink.png

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4/09/2022 5:51 pm  #3

Re: RAW or modded

Yes. I am the same. I mean I use content from them only most times. Unless I am in that mood to run official adventures.

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4/10/2022 5:49 am  #4

Re: RAW or modded

I'm selective: I use Hyperborea modules mostly RAW, and others as sources of inspiration (essentially starting-points). The latter category is smaller now than it used to be, as I have hundreds of such sources.

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4/10/2022 11:19 am  #5

Re: RAW or modded

I do lots of the same. I do run the adventure but I mod it up a bit. Removing some things or adding others. Not so much ,"not" running it but adjusting it to the needs of the table. I guess the ones I do run RAW are super classic ones from certain game systems.  As for ASSH I only maybe mod them a little. Mostly adding instead of removing things.

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4/11/2022 8:31 am  #6

Re: RAW or modded

Basically what BA said. I run Hyperborea stuff mostly RAW but munge as needed. Stuff I borrow I adapt as needed.

I'm not beholden to RAW in general.

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4/11/2022 9:20 am  #7

Re: RAW or modded

yup! Same.

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