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4/28/2021 12:36 pm  #1

Lemurian Remnant is a huge place

And now I need to fill it up a bit.

The players are on the island north of the bigger island with Mount Butai on it. The island with the settlement/village.

They decided to drop anchor on the south side of the island and trek across.

They ran into some Mountain Apes which had a rather decent hoard of gems and gold.

Now to go speed read some Lemurian lore, morph it to Hyperborea's take on it, and rename the fishing village.

I just need to remember that the place is hot and humid and penalize the metal armor wearing pc's

What? Me worry?

4/29/2021 10:18 am  #2

Re: Lemurian Remnant is a huge place

Enjoy! Keep us posted.

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