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3/30/2021 7:00 am  #1

Mi-Go Tokens & Mappping Assests

I did these Mi-Go renders a few years back for mapping assets and for token to use a few year back.  1 is a front view and another is a dead Mi-Go. I didn't add in drop shadows as some mapping programs will automatically add drop shadows and it isn't difficult to add them if you are going to use them as tokens or are using them as mapping assets for a program that doesn't add them automatically  if you. You may also want to scale the images down a little as I always make them bigger than needed.








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3/30/2021 11:34 am  #2

Re: Mi-Go Tokens & Mappping Assests

Nice! https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/smile.png

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3/31/2021 6:54 am  #3

Re: Mi-Go Tokens & Mappping Assests

Very nicely done!

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4/08/2021 1:02 pm  #4

Re: Mi-Go Tokens & Mappping Assests

Those really, really kick some ass.


4/10/2021 8:49 pm  #5

Re: Mi-Go Tokens & Mappping Assests

oh coooool!


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