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8/19/2020 9:57 am  #21

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Oops Thanks Mortificateur.

Eh, noticed I not add a stairwell to 3rd level from 2nd level in Gulf of Larsha, in the side view map.

Done, same link as above...

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8/19/2020 1:33 pm  #22

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Would be great to have all this wonderful material you’ve created brought together into a single PDF... Would make for a great resource!


8/20/2020 4:38 am  #23

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

Well Thanks Doc for for the appreciation. It a Big project...

But, I working at it again at this present moment. Hence why I noticed the error in map. Team are in temple about to enter the Gulf of Larsha. As stated it a old PbP of Lando and I just hated the story not being finished and have a long term plan to bring it to an end. So each encounter is still dice rolled so no cheating using Conan D20 rules.

I theory my mind is forming Larsha as I write it so it is possible to organize the rooms etc., but believe it will take time. It surprising to me just how tried it makes my head feel as storyplot has turned into a spider web of possibilities and taking note of each event has got the blood pumping through my brain that if I think of any other task, I near getting a headache, Doc!

So, will take it slow, but yes in future I will start forming it into a proper construct; perhaps even keying map.



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3/08/2021 8:03 am  #24

Re: Larsha, City of the Dead:

More Larsha

The depth of Larsha was dangerous, but no more than the upper-city; which reeked of death! 

Change to Under-City: 
I had somehow placed on side view map the great well on the opposite side of Supporting Tower (to left-centralish of map), the tower was 2/3 of the way to temple, yet in under-city map it only half-way and well in wrong place. This has now been changed.

I must mention again my numbers are not perfect, I about 120 feet (12 squares) less in error for cultist and tomb level on side view map, but have tried to make to numbers as close as possible for realism sake and size-wise.

Hence I also changed Under-City map size from 100 feet for 3 squares to 150. I think it makes it work better and attempted the numbers and they close enough, but again not perfect.

I think this the first major dungeon I done that is not done on paper perhaps I will improve with age (but do not hold yer breaths).

So have replaced/added new Under-City map to Larsha page on my Flickr site.

Larsha Page: Here:

 New Buildings for Larsha:
The new buildings are minor but part of the structure of Larsha that may be encountered or passed near.

Underground City Support Tower: This can be used for other support towers (even just using the bottom 3 levels). The main focus for the tower is the one that has stairs from top floor to under-city.

Upper-City Common House - Secret Way: This building is in upper-city and may hold some dangers. Undead hidden in rubble to demon guardians? Ancient map tell of this secret door. Scholars in Kheshatta of the Black Ring might have access to such knowledge.

Upper-City Guardpost: Now renewed by cultists and serves them as a barracks for their guards who protect the main-gate of upper-city. Stairs from here go down to Cultist level.

Upper-City Temple: What unknown dangers lie within the upper-city temple? A sloping passage leads into the tomb level.

The link (above) will be to page, so scroll to its base for these four maps.

Also a numbered Cultist Level, I working at rest of Complex, but I very slow and my efforts are stretch over years than weeks or months. I at present working at another multi-level dungeon/complex and again I love doing my maps, but once it comes to organizing what is within the so-called dungeon, I tire and loose interest. I just got too much to do with other RPG projects and well house and garden and if this this becomes a chore, it is not a hobby anymore, so I need to diverse and start working at other things for variety?!

But will finish it eventually if the greater cosmos allows???

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