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12/12/2019 9:48 am  #1

Zenopus' Doom:

Zenopus' Doom:

For Eric Holmes...

Blue Tome of Ancient lore:

The great aqua-sea blue tome of mystical lore from the yawning abyss, or better known as the 'Blue Book,' has some serious hidden tales and mysteries of the ancients, and one known only to us a Zenopus the Doomed. 

Due to the fact that this scenario has been lying unfinished in my laptop; has caused me to at least add the maps in case I never finish it and that a person can use it... So, what notes I have added in PDFs is not the full scenario, but, yeah, yehaa…

And I have keyed it for Chainsaw and the rest of stable life. In my defence, I keyed every map I have done, then about a decade ago; I start just leaving notes on my map of what was in rooms, traps, treasure, trolls, etc. beside room, and the rest was in my head (since only I GMed with map, none needed to know how I did it); so used the same principle as an instinct; than a thought, but back to normal now!

So, over 164 room/chambers... 

* Any chamber marked with an asterisk is of Hyperborean origin. I realised I should have placed asterisk on/in new structures, but once I had started it was too late to stop. 

The ruined crypts below Zenopus' Tower is the remains of the Hyperborean city of Ulzdarium, ruined in the 'Mountain that Fell,' catastrophe many hundreds of years ago. Of course, can be placed as one thinks.

 This ancient structure now lies under Portown a small town near Muncæster.

 The vaults below the tombs are for storage of artefacts too powerful to be just lying on some sorcerer's desk, so they placed them below for safety and are guarded with many dangers. Some of these chambers are also prisons for things best unspoken about... and more crypts for the major powerful in life.

 Maps of Zenopus: Here:
Zenopus' Doom Test: Here:
NPC of Zenopus' Doom: Here:
Muncæster Portown Rumours: Here:

Hmm, sort of borrowed rummours from this group with their helpful extras for Eric Holmes' dungeon.



12/20/2019 10:34 am  #2

Re: Zenopus' Doom:

Some years back, I did a few conversions of the original myself, but they were just updates. They pale in comparison to this.  Nice work!

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12/20/2019 11:46 am  #3

Re: Zenopus' Doom:

Very nice work, Caveman.

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12/21/2019 8:54 am  #4

Re: Zenopus' Doom:

Cheers Chaps.

Could not stop myself; it just kept growing and growing, aaargh!!!

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12/21/2019 12:39 pm  #5

Re: Zenopus' Doom:

Nice! Thanks.

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12/22/2019 7:15 am  #6

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12/24/2019 10:41 am  #7

Re: Zenopus' Doom:

Will check this out later over the holidays!

Chris Holmes, Zach Howard, and I were discussing possible compilations of JEH-related fan material as a book at NTX a few years ago---sort of a Thieves World-like anthology model of fan submissions.  I wonder if it would have more legs than we thought at the time....



12/25/2019 8:12 am  #8

Re: Zenopus' Doom:

Sound good to me, I be most interested in more material for Zenopus' endeavours…

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