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11/08/2019 9:17 am  #1

Fiend Folio

I find myself gravitating toward this classic, but I keep going back to straight ASSH. It’s as evocative as I need it to be. Anyone else using the Fiend Folio?


11/08/2019 9:49 am  #2

Re: Fiend Folio

I do refer to the FF when comparing creatures and in my endeavours to create some AS&SH encounters I want in my development of Hyperborea, but I have not duplicate any creature from FF as yet. Also from its source; the White Dwarf magazine has some unmentioned in FF which I still over the years refer to.


11/08/2019 2:22 pm  #3

Re: Fiend Folio

I used Frost Men and Ice Trolls straight out of FF in one of my AS&SH adventures.


11/08/2019 7:20 pm  #4

Re: Fiend Folio

I'm using it in my campaign right now, actually. 

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11/09/2019 3:52 pm  #5

Re: Fiend Folio

Yeah; I still use pretty much all my 1st and 2nd edition resources, plus Swords & Wizardry & Labyrinth Lord stuff.  It's all pretty compatible, which is what makes the system great.  For extra flavor/variety I'll often draw spells from alternate lists or sources to keep players on their toes.  For example, as they were transitioning to 3rd edition TSR/WOTC put out a supplement derived from the Diablo game with everything statted out for 1st/2nd edition.  There's a necromancer class in there with some pretty cool spells that I often use for NPCs.

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11/20/2019 1:33 pm  #6

Re: Fiend Folio

The FF has some GREAT new monsters for 1981, and is 99% awesome.  Then it has the Flumph,  which is definitely not awesome, but serves as a reminder to not take the game too seriously.

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12/04/2019 4:19 pm  #7

Re: Fiend Folio

I am using some of the fiend folio for an adventure I am writing as well. Great resource, I always look to make sure it fits my vision for what Jeff's world is, and tweak it as necessary. 

Besides, you cannot beat the fact that over half the creatures are illustrated by Russ!

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12/04/2019 8:54 pm  #8

Re: Fiend Folio

mavfire wrote:

Besides, you cannot beat the fact that over half the creatures are illustrated by Russ!

Agree completely.

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