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6/20/2019 8:26 pm  #101

Re: The Cursed Cove

fireinthedust wrote:

Iron Ranger wrote:

I don't know the star wars game or the knave game, but i can give it a shot.

Okay so quick update: I'd planned to call the fantasy game I've been working on Knights & Knaves, and sent a draft to the creator of Knave saying "hey, this is what I've been fiddling with, would you like to read it?" and he responds "sure, send it over."  Then I give him a link and say "The working title is Knights & Knaves, as it's my material with you item slots idea?" and then I get nothing back for months.  Then yesterday he posts a new video on his Youtube review channel "Questing beast" and says he's adapting Knave and Maze Rats (his games) into a new game called "Maze Knights".  So I'm not sure what he's doing, but I'm rushing to put my stuff out there so it's there first.  It's done, but I have been dragging my feet, so it's a good motivation.  Still, kind of... annoying... that he's using knights in his title.  Dunno what I'll call the effing thing now... stupid names!!!

Anyway, I need a cover.  Do you have a preferred fantasy character type, or Skyrim build, so I can put that in among the PCs on the cover?  I'm going to be putting Emral or my wizard (who I never get to play) on, and prob another friend; but I need to move fast on this.  Yikes!

Sounds like when Dave Megarry asked Gary Gygax: "Hey, wanna take a look at my new game Dungeon?"



9/27/2019 4:30 pm  #102

Re: The Cursed Cove

Emral shakes his head.

“This isn’t real. None of this is real. It’s got to be some kind of illusion. Like ... like a dream prison from Atlantis, or... something. The dagger... if it destroys plants then it should be melting my flesh, too! And why do I have those double memories? Too strange.”

He moves the hand with the dagger, stiff and wrapped up by whip-like vines, and slashes a path to the beach.

Towards the smell of smoke. Towards the fire.

“I’m dreaming. I dreamed that hymn. I dreamed... the Jackalope paw!”

He clutches the paw with his off hand, thinking about the healing magic from the soft fur. It was a memory from both sides of the dream.

“Bring me answers, friend. Non ignoramus carbarundum est!”


9/27/2019 5:11 pm  #103

Re: The Cursed Cove

The thick vines shy away from the crusty pegleg's dagger, wilting as if touched by an immense heat, providing Emral the Marked the passage he seeks.

Dusk nears as he emerges from the choking jungle back out onto the safety of the warm sand. 

The waters have stilled, only a lap at the edge as the tide ebbs. It is dark over the vast sea. To your right more jungle in the distance surrounding the cove. To your left, the swamp marsh. And a light in the distance over it.

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9/28/2019 12:17 am  #104

Re: The Cursed Cove

“The light! Fire! I’m in a dream, so the fire is important- maybe my magic, or spirit. The dagger... it destroys the plants on the dream... it’s my willpower! Or something like that. Okay this is starting to make sense. I need to get to the fire and anything that gets in my way I need to use this shard to cut away. Symbolism, I love it!”

Still gripping the jackalope paw, Emral holds the dagger hilt like a sword - like a knight about to do battle!

Then he clenched his teeth and, grimacing, breaths deep and bolts!  He makes a mad dash across the marshy area, towards the light.

“Have to stay near the shore, the shore is the border of the island, the border of the dream. Magic is about the edge of reality, the liminal spaces. The deep forest is trying to snare me, bind me - Stay near the shore and head to the light!”

Ooc: because it’s all a dream, and if I am right then Emral might be able to fight his way back from the netherworld! Maybe that’s why the place is called the cursed cove!


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