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6/20/2019 8:26 pm  #101

Re: The Cursed Cove

fireinthedust wrote:

Iron Ranger wrote:

I don't know the star wars game or the knave game, but i can give it a shot.

Okay so quick update: I'd planned to call the fantasy game I've been working on Knights & Knaves, and sent a draft to the creator of Knave saying "hey, this is what I've been fiddling with, would you like to read it?" and he responds "sure, send it over."  Then I give him a link and say "The working title is Knights & Knaves, as it's my material with you item slots idea?" and then I get nothing back for months.  Then yesterday he posts a new video on his Youtube review channel "Questing beast" and says he's adapting Knave and Maze Rats (his games) into a new game called "Maze Knights".  So I'm not sure what he's doing, but I'm rushing to put my stuff out there so it's there first.  It's done, but I have been dragging my feet, so it's a good motivation.  Still, kind of... annoying... that he's using knights in his title.  Dunno what I'll call the effing thing now... stupid names!!!

Anyway, I need a cover.  Do you have a preferred fantasy character type, or Skyrim build, so I can put that in among the PCs on the cover?  I'm going to be putting Emral or my wizard (who I never get to play) on, and prob another friend; but I need to move fast on this.  Yikes!

Sounds like when Dave Megarry asked Gary Gygax: "Hey, wanna take a look at my new game Dungeon?"


3d6 straight.

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