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9/01/2019 8:51 am  #1

New PbP on Discord

To all Adventurers,

I will be starting a AS&SH play-by-post game to be hosted on a private Discord server (used by my fellow gamers from the Dragonsfoot forums).  For those unfamiliar with Discord, it's a chat application that we find is very easy to learn, well-suited to PbP and particularly to posting and responding on a mobile device.  If interested, reply here and once qualified I will PM you an invite link.

The other catch is that I plan to run published adventures (loosely tied together with sandboxy events) for the sake of a few new players. A suitable applicant will be able to handle spoilers if already familiar with eg. "Rats in the Walls" and "The Moss-Hag of Lug." Hopefully you'll still be entertained... after all, the murky jewel of Hyperborea shines strange from each of its myriad facets!


9/01/2019 4:51 pm  #2

Re: New PbP on Discord

Sounds fun! Can I participate as a viewer/reader only?

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9/01/2019 8:12 pm  #3

Re: New PbP on Discord

Chainsaw wrote:

Sounds fun! Can I participate as a viewer/reader only?

Hi Chainsaw, glad to have you, but I guarantee it'll be more fun if you roll up a toon and play!

Just curious, are the pubbed adventures a factor in your decision?  I'm already considering a tack to making up my own stuff instead, now that I'm looking at some free time opening up.  A short plot or two tied in with a roomy Underborean pile...

Anyhoo, check your PM for invite.

~ sub

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