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4/21/2014 4:54 pm  #1

Heavy Metal magazine and the horseclans

I'm starting a thread here because of the mention of the HEAVY METAL movie in the other section. This question is actually about the magazine, but I thought maybe there would be some crossover in folks who read the magazine and watched the movie.

On the Blackmoor forum there is a discussion about Robert Adams' horseclans series and someone mentioned that he thought that some horseclans stories were serialized in HEAVY METAL magazine before they became books.

Anyone here familar enough with Heavy Metal to confirm this? Any informtion would be appreciated.

Marv / Finarvyn
DCC playtester (2011), S&W WhiteBox Author (2009), C&C playtester (2003), Metamorphosis Alpha since 1976. OD&D Player since 1975

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