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2/16/2019 10:54 am  #21

Re: New Character Classes:


Well, this is a remake of the Necromancer (in WD/White Dwarf 35) by Lew Pulsipher.

It is call Banemancer now as there is obviously a necromancer in game; and think the name suits it well.

This in theory is a NPC villain, powerful, more powerful than necromancer, I think, but with a lot of negatives to balance it (I hope). Still as an NPC villain, it not matter so much if he more powerful, he is on is own (apart from hordes of undead) against the world; and whether he 6th or 8th level, he can be adjusted as like.

Also a list of his spell-like abilities, some new, some changed and some taken from AS&SH.

Still I enjoyed the Class, since I first saw it in The Halls of Tizun Thane scenario (hence the other post, noted I had lost 2 pages that had layered in creating of the scenario, fixed and are now in my forums for those who want it. If I had not noted 36 people had downloaded it,; I would not have mentioned it here. Just thought they would want the proper working event).

Still onwards, another villain, no I mean can you call a man who makes a contraption that makes perfect cheese-toasties, a villain...?

Banemancer Class: Here:

Banemancer Spell-like Abilities: Here:

So the Scientist:

I created this Class, for my Thule island, where the alien Scryphozeans had taken human prisoners and over hundreds of years trained some to be scientists.

It is basic, but that is what it needs, no major stuff, just references. Plundered (har, har) the stuff from Traveller, etc. But was like 8 months back and just quickly finished it yesterday, so unsure who I stole material from..., quick edit today and wala… 

But think it works as it gives a good reasonable structure for a NPC Class.

Scientist: Here:

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2/18/2019 11:43 am  #22

Re: New Character Classes:


Done for WD many years back by Brain Asbury.

I enjoyed Class, very Conanistic and been working at it over the years.

Well, I think it looks good, she does a bit of this and that, also spells (more spell-like) and seduction abilities, etc.

Houri: Here: 

Houri Spells: Here:

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3/06/2019 9:13 am  #23

Re: New Character Classes:


Created by Roger E. Moore.

Well can we call a merchant a thief, hmm, still there maybe some...

Merchant: Here:

Note: Slightly redid Banemancer to clarify the price on Death Fane cubic feet price thing, I not good at measurements like that, but learning. Rest of PDF unchanged. The link above will still work for the redone PDF.

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3/09/2019 9:09 am  #24

Re: New Character Classes:

Noble-Theurgist ​

New Class, the Hyperboreans once ruled the lands, now they are in decline, lost on lotus-dreams and despondency. 

But once they where powerful and yet some may exist, or lie dormant in some enchanted spell, some may awaken...

This is a NPC Class, but of course some might use it as a PC Class, but they should be rare, this is a dying people in some form and their great power is dwindling, still who knows... They have the same power as a magician, and like a warlock, but with only 1d6 hp/level, so weaker is some ways, possibly to much lotus can do that...

Noble-Theurgist: Here:

Noted error in Merchant, people should be people's. Link above will get redone PDF.

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3/18/2019 1:45 pm  #25

Re: New Character Classes:

Cultist (NPC Class)

Needing a multi-purposeful NPC fanatic, I created the cultist...

As an NPC, I tried to not make too powerful, but they dangerous for low-level play.

Cultist: Here:

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3/19/2019 1:56 pm  #26

Re: New Character Classes:

Three Elemental Mancers​

With thanks to: Michael Moorcock, Marcus Rowland, Steven Bland, Carol Ashley, Gary Gygax and of course Jeff and many others unknown.

Had noticed in Elric novels some mentioning of aquamancer and air mancer and had an idea for these classes.

Spells, that are granted at higher level, example summoning dæmon I for magicians (which is a 2nd-level spell), is the reason why summon (elemental);  type: sylph, gnome or undine I is allowed as a 1st level spell as the elementalist's focus on one element allows them greater power in controlling lesser forms of that element quicker in their studies than multi-versed sorcerers; like magician who are forced to learn varied magics and therefore weaken themselves to the greater power independent-single-schooled sorcerers have. This theory affects most of the other spells.

Note: Spell which are from the AS&SH book will not be describe, but what is important, the various mancers might have the spell at a different level than stated in sourcebook.

Of aquamancers, there is plenty of water on mountains, mostly snow and ice, but water none the less and a great sea surrounding Hyperborea, still, in real life, the Kalahari Desert in south Africa's west coast, it a dry shrub land, but underneath it is vast array of intertwining caverns with clear water in them, plus blind catfish, so water can be found in the most extreme areas of Earth, with exception to the central Sahara.

* Some spells may seem too powerful for some GMs, but this is the joy of the game, take what you want and give nothing back... What I mean of course is mould it to suit oneself.

I also include a note to one aquamancer spell, great wave that it must be sought not learned as part of a quest, but this is just an example of multiple spells that could and possible should be treated in the same way. Aeromancer's storm spell, could be anther planet killer, so  at GM's discretion.

The lost mancer…

Wood is an element as some would say (non-pun), still the druid is the perfect mancer for plants, so therefore is the biomancer, whether animal or plant, a woodmancer also. Other names timmancer (timber) or Tim, or the great and powerful Tim.

Magical Items:

In theory multiple magic items concerning these spells can be made:

Ring of Air Protection: (as spell 3 times/day). Use level of user as CA level.

Staff of Earth Elemental Summoning: (summons a 8 HD earth elemental once/week).

Magical Skiff of the Sea: This is a small hand-sized model of a skiff. When the words of command are uttered, it transforms into a normal sized skiff. Another word of command can reduced it size back to the model.

Rod of Forceful Fount: Pointing the rod at a foe and activating the brass stud sends forth a gush of water (much like that out a fire hose) doing 6d4 damage, saving throw for half damage versus device. It also functions as +1 footman’s mace.

Stone Club of Maulik: A +3 stone club, some three and a half feet long, three inches diameter at it base and six inches diameter and the top, it is smooth and rounded with etching of runic writing and symbols covering its form. The handle is a foot long at the base covered in black leather secured evenly with bronze stubs, leaving two and half foot for the shaft of the warclub. This club does 1d8 (1d10) damage (+3 for magical bonus) and needs two hands to use, unless the user has a strength of 15, were he can use it one handed if he wished (no character with a strength less than 9 can use it).Once per day any wielder can shake the rattle to cast darkness with a 60-foot range (120 feet if used by a shaman). Once per day a shaman can use the stone club of Maulik to summon 1d4 gnomes (1-3 HD each). They will serve for the duration of one combat.Maulik it is said was a Half-Viking geomancer, dedicate to Ymir, he fashioned the warclub on Mount Ymir many hundreds of years ago. Though whether with Ymir's blessing, none can say.

Aeromancer: Here:
Aero Spells: Here:

Aquamancer: Here:
Aqua Spells: Here:

Geomancer: Here:
Geo Spells: Here:

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3/20/2019 7:04 am  #27

Re: New Character Classes:

Quick note:

Redid Noble-Theurgist, adding this (just noticed it; again after reading it years ago): so thought it made sense to add...

Clandestine Language (Hyperborean Esoteric): the Hyperborean sages'
and sorcerers' language, who refuse to teach it to other men and contains
certain vocalizations that non-Hyperboreans are unable to duplicate.

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3/20/2019 8:57 am  #28

Re: New Character Classes:

I am happy to hear that you are making modifications to the game to suit your own campaign. That's excellent. ;)

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea - A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Fantasy

3/21/2019 7:51 am  #29

Re: New Character Classes:

Yeah, love the work Jeff, it is good the game is designed to allow folks to be creative. I am, I think finished with the Classes that I think fits with my Grey Coast Area, just finishing the monsters. Need more water creatures so posting soon, the horde.

But the main reason is to complete a lot of stuff for AS&SH that I have on my computer which is unfinished for the past few years (especially by Grey Coast/Black Marshes stuff, which is mostly in my head, partly sorted or in disarrayed notes). If you do not do it, more stuff appears (as you will know) and create a pile of stuff that become a chore instead of fun.

I trying to finish a city encounter PDFs for AS&SH and I needed complete Classes for encounters, monsters of course and I cannot finish it till I do the rest of the stuff properly. So, I getting near to completing it, which is a relief, the weight just leave the shoulders once completed and I near dancing.


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