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2/07/2019 6:29 pm  #21

Re: Lyonesse

Hackhamster wrote:

Just wanted to mention I had finally acquired the Gollancz omnibus hardcover of The Complete Lyonesse, so I gave my best friend my paperback copies of the trilogy. He had never read his work before, but I made an instant fan.

Good for you!
I was travelling for work and loathe to let my VIE copy out of the house, but am back at Suldrun's Garden once again. Persillian the Mirror will make an appearance in my game shortly...

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Jack Vance, The Face

2/11/2019 11:42 pm  #22

Re: Lyonesse

Just picked up the PoA series and I'm a bit over halfway through the first book.  So far I think it should be called Planet of Dullness but I'll push on through based on the recommendations here...

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