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11/03/2018 6:12 pm  #1

Tangerine Dream and Hyperborea

Watching/absorbing a lot of 80's sword and sorcery and post-apocalypse movies lately (thanks Roku) and I've fallen back in love with the weird electronic scores commonly used in those films. I've always preferred to use Basil Poledouris scores in my sword and sorcery, but I think for CAS's worlds, weird electronica is better for the background, if only to create a sense of weird, nostalgic desolation that those low-budget 80's films captured so well...
Obviously, Tangerine Dream encapsulates that style of music and mood (they inspired the Stranger Things and Thor:Ragnarok soundtracks). Here is the kicker: Tangerine Dream have a few albums that they clearly intended as a score for CAS's works.
Gate of Saturn

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11/03/2018 8:48 pm  #2

Re: Tangerine Dream and Hyperborea

I like TD's older stuff from the early '70s the best (Zeit, Phaedra, Rubycon), but some of their earlier 80s stuff is good too (Hyperborea, Green Desert), and some of their film soundtracks are quite good too (Thief, Sorcerer, Legend). 

I wasn't aware of The Gates of Saturn, will have to give it a listen, thanks!



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