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3/14/2014 12:04 am  #1

Excel Sorcerer

Is there anyone here who is very good with Excel and VBA?
I've got a cool project going but need a touch of final magic...


3/14/2014 6:43 am  #2

Re: Excel Sorcerer

I'm afraid my skills are quite basic, such as making column c the product of coulmns a and b, and so forth. 

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3/14/2014 8:31 am  #3

Re: Excel Sorcerer

I'm hardly an expert, but I use both fairly regularly. If you want to tell me what the project is, I can let you know if it's somethiing I can help with. You can send a PM if you want.


3/14/2014 2:07 pm  #4

Re: Excel Sorcerer

I spend hours a day in Excel at work, but only doing the most basic of spreadsheet applications, adding this cell to that one, then dividing by another cell and multiplying by a fourth one. It's pretty pathetic, actually.

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3/14/2014 10:55 pm  #5

Re: Excel Sorcerer

I've written some VB script and solved the problem. First time and it worked like a charm.

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