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10/12/2017 7:09 pm  #1

Black Moss-Hag of Lug

My group has spent two sessions thus far in Lug. Two game days in Swampgate, one night as guest of one of the outland peat farms, and one night in...well, let's just say the group is 'underground'. I don't want to ruin the scenario for anyone.

​That said, we're having a blast. It's a decent size group with good charater race and class variation which has led to some fun interactions with the locals. If they survive this will be this group's last as level 1 characters.

​We are having a ton of fun running this system and this scenario is really well done. There's a ton of background detail included but enough room to add my own touch of 'color' so to speak. I'm taking great pains to create a feeling of continuity between southern communities so that the in between adventures are more story like and compelling. By creating a feeling of continuity I've given the players an opportunity to react to NPCs like they would people they meet in their real lives. The conversations, personalities, and sense of shared history are getting more complex and realistic. Very fun!

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1/03/2018 4:56 pm  #2

Re: Black Moss-Hag of Lug

My group wouldn't let my hunchbacked Esquimaux seduce the Black Moss-Hag of Lug.
I'm all, "Why not? I have 18 Charisma points!"

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3/20/2018 4:52 am  #3

Re: Black Moss-Hag of Lug

My group just started this as sort of a side quest while restocking in Swampgate and randomly hearing rumors about the short humanoid creatures prowling the outskirts of the settlement. The group decided to spend some coin on carousing after getting quite the haul in the module Tomb of the Serpent Kings which I located underneath Lug Wasteland. One member of the party ended up drunkenly boasting to defeat the menace of the humanoid creatures of the swamp and so they were on their way to the Eastern Farms!

Long story short: they are still investigating the tunnels beneath Dagon's Mound and about to enter the Hyperborean mining complex. One of my players picked up Dagon's Harness and I told him that his character started to immediately become posessive of the suit of armor. What I'm wondering now is where to take things with this cursed armor. Any ideas?

My first gut reaction would be to give him weird dreams where he's lost in an underwater city of strange geometry and architecture when he encounters a fish-like creature that wraps him in its cold embrace filling his character with an intense feeling of love.


3/20/2018 1:50 pm  #4

Re: Black Moss-Hag of Lug

I have 2 groups near the end of the adventure, 1 group TPK'ed on the Firebeetles. and I plan on one more group at least to take through it. I think it's a great adventure. One group found their way through the dungeon fairly easily due to one players disgust of maggots so that pretty much sent them right to the end. They are currently dealing with the skeleton centurion. The other group was just captured and two of them released with out weapons or armour to go and find the Stygian stone. I was surprised they survived the trip back to town with no weapons or armour. It's been a blast 

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3/20/2018 3:25 pm  #5

Re: Black Moss-Hag of Lug

I'm starting the group with this tonight. I'll have a small hook to Ghost Ship if they want to pursue that.

I wouldn't expect a TPK since they've been playing 1e for the last 9 years or so. I'm just switching to AS&SH all the time because as I've said many times before, Ghul has taken the edges off and tweaked things so I let the whole system run as is with very, very, very little house rules on my part.

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5/05/2018 12:07 am  #6

Re: Black Moss-Hag of Lug

Just got the 2nd edition rulebook last week.  Been playing 1st edition since 1982 with a few house rules and add-ons.  I'm going to drop Hyperborea in as the North Pole realms of my homebrew campaign setting.  In the process of creating a character party this weekend to run through this adventure in a few weeks.  One thing I do to curb those first level TPKs is give all first level characters a 20 HP kicker.  This gives them a much better fighting chance.  I cribbed this rule from Hackmaster 4th edition.


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