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8/28/2017 9:59 am  #1

Original Art for Sale...


I am finally getting around to posting original AS&SH 2nd edition artwork that I am willing to part with. (There is also a few left over pieces from previous AS&SH books that are deeply discounted). If you are interested in any of them you can go look here  WARNING some of these images may not have been seen as part of the kickstarter or previously published on the interwebs. Currently only the full sized class pictures, and a few other full page pics are posted up, but I will begin putting up individual monster pics for sale as soon as I sift through them. 

I am pretty quick about updating the SOLD items, but these are first come first served.

If you do not like spoilers then please do not click on that link. I had them all at a few conventions so you may have seen them there, but I cant help that! I will also have whatever is left over at GAMEHOLE CON and they will be available for purchase. 

If you are interested, drop a note here, or email me through the blog. 

Thanks for your interest.

Del Teigeler, Illustrator

8/29/2017 5:37 am  #2

Re: Original Art for Sale...

Well the Paladin is gone. Not surprised though; it's my favorite.

"I, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, shall write with my left hand, since I have no longer any other, the tale of everything that befell Tirouv Ompallios and myself in the shrine of the god Tsathoggua..."

8/29/2017 5:44 am  #3

Re: Original Art for Sale...


Yes the paladin escaped the clutches of those grasping hands and is now looking over the home of a happy gamer. This is just a reminder that these will go fast. I have had multiple inquiries and two have already sold. Get them while they are hot!

Del Teigeler, Illustrator
     Thread Starter

8/30/2017 9:53 am  #4

Re: Original Art for Sale...

Nice works, Del!  The two I was most-interested in are already sold :D

You coming to GaryCon again next year?



8/30/2017 1:10 pm  #5

Re: Original Art for Sale...


The rest are going fast. I appreciate anyone who has purchased originals, it is very humbling and makes me feel real good about the folks who support this game and enjoy my art!

I am going to Gamehole Con this year, and probable Gary Con next year. I suppose I have to decide soon.

Del Teigeler, Illustrator
     Thread Starter

9/08/2017 1:31 pm  #6

Re: Original Art for Sale...

Somehow I missed that I still have "The Huntsman" class pic available (find it on the kickstarter if you wish to see it.) If you are interested PM me. I will not be putting this one up for general public as it is one of my personal favorites. But if you are interested in purchasing it I could be swayed. I will include shipping & insurance in the USA.

Also, in a few days I will post a few of the monster Original art work from the 2E book to my blog for sale. 

Thank you all for your support!

Del Teigeler, Illustrator
     Thread Starter

9/12/2017 10:17 am  #7

Re: Original Art for Sale...


I have listed all of the Second Edition MONSTER illustrations for sale on my blog. Check them out and let me know if you are interested. Thanks everyone for your support. 

Del Teigeler, Illustrator
     Thread Starter

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