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12/11/2015 11:06 am  #21

Re: Replacing the Priest

Just a few Things Handy:

I have stated the Mystic of Xathoqqua gains a TA 1 at 1st level, but never grows in that power, using FP to reduces the Undead Type, etc. etc.

Ah, this is important, when using a higher Liturgy, what is the cost of FP used, is it....

Example: Mystic 3rd level wants to use a 4th level Liturgy and needs to use 8 FP (that's 4 level of a difference as it require a 7th level Mystic, so that  = 4 levels of a difference x2 =8)?

Also, was some spells descriptions missing in Liturgies: Are these right?and inflicting holy torment (Inflict Serious Wounds). I changed wounds to torment also.

gelatinize bones
and the white hand of death

Edit, my Error, I see the last two are actually spells, I try think of descriptions...


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12/13/2015 10:31 am  #23

Re: Replacing the Priest

Wow, that's awesome, Caveman! I will print out tomorrow and go over these in more detail. Nice work!

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12/13/2015 3:07 pm  #24

Re: Replacing the Priest

Aye, good idea, take your time!


12/22/2016 2:20 pm  #25

Re: Replacing the Priest

Working on an Aurorus version of this right now. Should have it ready soon.

When I roll high WIS and CHA, I get all Henry IIish--who will rid me of this troublesome Priest! I will.

I will.

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12/23/2016 10:07 am  #26

Re: Replacing the Priest

OK! Here's the Mystic. Instead of images of the document, I'll just paste in the text this time:

Attribute Requirements: Wisdom 9, Charisma 15
Prime Attributes: Wisdom, Charisma
Hit Die Type: d6
Alignment: Any
Armour Allowed: Light
Shields Allowed: None
Favoured Weapons: Dagger, quarterstaff, sling, whip, DART, MORNING STAR
Saving Throw Modifiers: Death +2, Sorcery +2
[UPDATED RULE] Favour: Gain 1 Favour/lvl./day unless your current Favour exceeds your level or you currently owe an fulfilled Minor Devotion.
You are a Mystic Priest of Aurorus, your actions need no explanation.
When you wish something to happen, roll below.
4d6         Invocation
18-24     Success
15-17     Minor/Situational Devotion
13-14     Major Pact
7-12        Inopportune Favour
4-6          Brilliant Manifestation of Divinity
The Liturgies of your faith are a contextual guide to the levels of power you can call upon.
Favour may be used in one of two ways for Invocation:
* Before rolling, you can offer any number of Favour points to allow you to re-roll that many dice. You can stop at any time but have to keep the final result.
* After rolling, if the result is more than 12 you can use Favour points, but can't reroll each die more than once.
Every reroll adds a Round to the time needed for Invocation.
If your Invocation has an ongoing effect or you gain Inopportune Favour, roll below to determine how long it lasts.
When the time ends you can offer another Favour point to roll again and prolong the effect.
Duration               x d6
1-9          Rounds
10-11     Turns
12           Days
Minor/Situational Devotion
Invocation requires either something immediately obvious that would please Aurorus, or the result of this table:
1d6         Minor Devotion
1              Promise of a pleasing offering.
2              Short-term abstinence or indulgence.
3              Manifest something holy from your flesh.
4              Perform a sacred ritual.
5              Recount your deeds (offer d4 Favour points or 500 XP per point rolled).
6              Religious fever (Mindless, uncontrollable worship until the duration ends.) (roll on Duration table).
Major Pact
You must agree to undertake a quest or something equally weighty for Aurorus in order for the Invocation to be successful. If you already have one unfinished and you roll another, the Invocation simply fails.
Inopportune Favour
You are honoured with a manifestation of Aurorus’s blessing, though the timing could be better. Roll on Duration table unless you used Favour for the roll, in which case the effect is permanent. Gain d4 points of Favour.
Brilliant Manifestation of Divinity
Your body shreds in the birthing of a terrible avatar of your god, roll on Duration table then roll up a new character.
In the case of a Restore/Purge roll it is the target that erupts.
Inherent Abilities
The Voice of the People Is the Voice of God
You can learn any language to which you are exposed in speech or writing, but doing so drives all knowledge of one other language, determined at random from your mind. You can, of course, later relearn that language, but only through the same process.
The Right Madness
When madness would result, you can choose not to go insane. You can choose whether to accept the effects of spells that directly or indirectly cause madness. If the madness is a by-product of the spell (e.g., Contact Otherworldly Being), you can check for insanity first and then reject the spell entirely if you wish. You are immune to Confusion and Feeblemind and receive +2 on all saves vs. fear and charm effects.
Memories Made Flesh
Heal for 2 HP or others for 1 HP of damage per 500 XP you sacrifice to Aurorus.
You may also attempt to cure light wounds as well as madness, magical mind disorders (Confusion, Feeblemind, etc.), mind-affecting toxins, and curses (one attempt only except for CLW).
18-24     Success
15-17     Success/Bestowed Mark
13- 14    Bestowed Mark
7-12        Malpractice
4-6          Brilliant Manifestation of Divinity
Favour can be used in the same manner as Invocation, and if the subject of your healing is a follower of Aurorus you can re-roll one die without using Favour.
Wounds healed in this way are closed by words that appear on the flesh of the target, strings of runes that do not quite make sense, written over and over one another in a palimpsest eschar.
Bestowed Mark
Aurorus’s influence manifests as a mutation or phantasm attached to the subject. Roll on Duration table unless you used Favour for the roll, in which case the effect is permanent.
Oh, gosh, this isn't quite what you meant to happen. Take a look at the DM, he’s rolling on a table. This isn't good.
Calling Upon a Liturgy Beyond Your Reach
If your level is lower than the requirement for a higher liturgy, you must offer a number of Favour points equal to double the levels you are missing in order to attempt to Invoke it. These Favour points don't grant any rerolls.
The First Liturgy
Mystic (Priest) Level 1
In the order of revealing a minor secret, signaling the dawn or dusk, or bearing aloft the light (Ceremony of Consecration, Dancing Lights, Detect Evil, Detect Illusion, Detect Magic, Detect Malady, Detect Silence, Detect Undead, Detect Venom, Distinguish Alignment, Faerie Fire, Identify, Light, Locate the Dead, Message, Mirror Gaze, Omen, Perceive Disguise, Remove Fear, Scare, Sorcerer Mark, Visualize Death)
The Second Liturgy
Mystic (Priest) Level 3
In the order of revealing the hidden, lifting the veils, and opening to the sky (Augury, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Continuous Light, Darkness, Detect Neutrality, Discern Lie, Extrasensory Perception, Find Plants, Find Traps, Glitterdust, Infernal Tongues, Infrared Vision, Knock, Locate Object, Mind Blank, Misdirection, Nondetection, Obscure, Perceive Heartbeat, Secret Page, Silence, Speak with Animals, Speak with Dead, Speak with Plants, Starlight, Ultraviolet Vision, Wall of Shadow)
The Third Liturgy
Mystic (Priest) Level 5
In the order of overwhelming revelation and the encystment of secrets (Blinding Light, Continuous Darkness, Deceive, Dispel Magic, Enthral, Explosive Runes, Glyph of Warding, Hallucinatory Terrain, Hold Person, Mirror, Mirror, Moonlight, Scrying Font, Shadow Sending, Sepia Snake Sigil, Suggestion)
The Fourth Liturgy
Mystic (Priest) Level 7
In the order of voicing the triple call and living in the sky lights (Black Cloud, Brain Death, Call Lightning, Confusion, Divination, Emotion, Fear, Inflict Madness, Sorcerer Eye, Contact Otherworldly Being, Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Pattern, Sending, Shock Wave, Shroud of Fear)
The Fifth Liturgy
Mystic (Priest) Level 9
In the order of the call of madness and truth (Air Walk, Atonement, Cause Lycanthropy (to Man of Leng), Change Temperature, Communicate with Monsters, Dismissal, Commune, Commune with Nature, Control Winds, Feeblemind, Find the Path, Incite Chaos, Legend Lore, Maze, Quest, Stone Tell, True Seeing)
The Sixth Liturgy
Mystic Level (Priest) 11
In the order of the primacy of the Word (Teleport, Chain Lightning, Control Men of Leng, Control Weather, Disintegrate, Geas, Plane Shift, Project Image, Reincarnation, Word of Recall, Mislead, See)
Gain Favour with Aurorus by performing actions that please her. To illustrate:
Learn and keep the secret of another.
Convert a seeker of knowledge to the cult.
Reveal to another a truth that changes their world.
Sacrifice great secrets to Aurorus such as secret histories or holy books.
Purge the ignorant and send their experiences to the god through sacrifice.
Dedicate a shrine around some source of hidden knowledge.
Expunge every copy of a great and powerful written work, dedicating the secret to Aurorus.
Sacrifice a classed person of 9th level or higher, rendering their experiences into light.
Swell the ranks of the Men of Leng or the Scorpioids of Xin.
Facts and Foibles
• What is seen is seen for the Godmind: Completely hairless, head to toe, and the Tri-Faced Goddess manifests in tattoos of two extra faces on each side of the mystic’s head. While not “living,” the expressions on these faces changes according to moods known only in celestial spheres, and their eyes focus on sights hidden from earthly vision.
• The flesh does not matter: Save vs. Transformation every day or forget to eat
• Immune to Confusion and Feeblemind and receive +2 on all saves vs. fear and charm effects.
• These mystics give up their names to Aurorus and never use a first-person-singular pronoun, referrring to themselves as “This Witness.”
Know Thyself
Mystic Level 1 (replaces Turn Undead)
Duration: It ain’t over ’til it’s over. Concentration +1 rnd./TA
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: 60′
The Mystic shakes the bowl of time slightly and reconnnects the brains of any undead with their memories, personalities, and illusions of unified consciousness from life. For mindless undead, this shock is generally enough to effectively act as Turning for the stated duration. For more powerful kinds of undead, there is a chance of the same effect, but for those that chose undeath, the effect might be anything at all. The Mystic rolls on the Turn Undead table as usual and affects the indicated number of undead.
The Mystic can use Favor to effectively reduce the “Undead Type” of the target creature and so attempt to affect undead beings that would normally be too powerful. This incurs greater risks, of course, especially since Mystic training covers only the basic undead types. If Favor is spent on the Know Thyself ritual and the targeted undead are too powerful to be affected (NT on AS&SH Table III.21), they will then target the Mystic by preference. If Favor is spent and the Turn roll fails, all affected undead make a save vs. transformation. On a success, there is no effect. On a failure, they are restored to a kind of life, possessing all the powers and abilities they did in life but filled with a single overwhelming desire: to kill the Mystic and his allies. On a roll of 12 after Favor is used, roll on the Abyssal Effects table instead.
Note that daemons, Guests, and other powers from other planes tend to find the effects of this ritual slightly erotic and nothing more.

d20 Malpractice Table
1      A section of the target’s brain rushes to heal the wound. Ritual succeeds, but target loses 1 INT.
2      Ritual succeeds, but light pours forth from target’s eyes and mouth in blinding profusion. Target cannot speak, cast spells, see, or achieve surprise (roll on Duration table).
3      The target’s mind slips out and ascends as a flash of light to roam the info-ether with Aurorus. No healing possible until the target awakens (roll on Duration table)
4      The wound heals, but the words that form over the scar speak themselves out loud. Only spending one day per point of damage healed to phonetically transcribe the polyglot gibberish will allow the target any peace.
5      Target compulsively and vociferously tells the truth (roll on Duration table). Oh, and the wound is not healed.
6      Ritual succeeds, but target’s memories are scrambled with those of others. For next 2d6 attempts to attack, cast spells, or perform a class action, SV vs. Transformation. On failure, knowledge of how to perform that act or use that tool has been exchanged for random other skill.
7      Aurorus blasts some of the target’s blood into light she can see the wound. Target takes 1d4 damage.
8      Ritual succeeds, but the babblings of a thousand intelligences that race through the info-ether with Aurorus now constantly ring through the target’s mind. Target loses 1 INT but is immune to ESP and similar effects.
9      The mystic’s memories take physical form and flow into the wound. The target is healed, but the Mystic loses 1 INT or 500 XP per HP restored, at the player’s option and in any combination.
10    Ritual succeeds, but the target is possessed by the spirit of a Man of Leng (roll on Duration table)
11    The wound is not healed, and the target’s body becomes a portal leading to other worlds (roll on Duration table). Check once and then again each turn. 1:6 chance that something comes through.
12    Ritual succeeds, and a stone head with three faces grows from the wound. The target cannot receive any other magical healing until it completes a task demanded by the idol.
13    The target is transmuted into pure light, which rushes into the heavens to join Aurorus (roll on Duration table). Then the target is reincarnated (as the spell).
14    The target is healed, but the scar is an antenna that hauls spirits out of the afterlife. Once a week, one of these emerges and will follow the target around looking sad and lost until somehow exorcised and laid to rest.
15    Target is healed but loses its name forever. Epithets can be applied but no name will ever adhere to the collection of signifiers that was once a person.
16    The target’s maximum HP is reduced by the amount that would have been healed in a successful ritual, which this is not. The wounded area loses all flesh and connection to the material world. Mad stars glitter in the Black Gulf, and the pipings of idiot gods and insane worshippers seem to whisper from the wound. Anyone staring directly into this part of the target’s body (including the target) must save or be fascinated (roll on Duration table), ignoring all danger and other needs to gaze at the meaningless mystery of the cosmos.
17    No hp are restored; rolls of parchment covered in spidery writing erupt from all over the Mystic’s body and engulf everyone nearby. Everyone within 30' must save vs. Transformation (WIS bonuses reveresed) or collapse in a nightmare that ranges across the Black Gulf and through the idiot spheres for the next d6 turns. The Mystic is not allowed a save.
18    The wound is healed but the area around it soon begins to leak a shimmering aurora. The target must save vs. Poison every day to prevent the condition progressing, the gulf to realms of undivided light widening and taking over more of their body, taking a penalty to physical rolls for every stage it advances. To completely recover, the target must make 3 saves in a row, if they fail a save it regresses to its initial condition, and if they fail 3 times in a row their body transmutes to pure verb. Any healing from a Mystic of Xathoqqua during this time will actually progress the condition.
19    No hp are restored; spasms wrack the Mystic as the music of the old gods erupts from their body, played on their bones and organs, causing damage equal to the healing ritual used. If the Mystic survives, the clashing harmonies fade, and the Mystic regains the hp lost.
20    The wound is healed, but the next time they sleep the target must save vs. Poison or be caught in the slipstream of Aurorus into the Black Gulf and be lost forever, information disseminated equally across the cosmos.


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1/16/2018 8:12 pm  #27

Re: Replacing the Priest

I just wanted to chime in and say I appreciate that there is little if any difference in the fiction between what we've come to call arcane and divine magic. My group is converting to AS&SH tonight, and I knew that the priest class (of which someone will be converting to) had armor restrictions. I wasn't sure until re-reading the spell casting in armor section in AS&SH what I was going to say when the priest player asked "why can't I wear armor?" Nice to see the rules expressly spelled out for us who need to unlearn 3.x!

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1/17/2018 12:07 pm  #28

Re: Replacing the Priest


How did I not notice the Mystic of Aurorus...

I tried a Mystic of Yig somewhere, I try and look for it!


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