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9/23/2014 8:22 pm  #41

Re: New Masthead for AS&SH (Adventures + Game)

Iron Ranger wrote:

Ghul, I'm so looking forward to the hardback manuals edition. Is the plan still to keep everything at 7x8.5? Ghost Ship, Fane and the hardbacks?

Thank you for your enthusiasm, Iron Ranger!

No, the plan is to go to a larger format, likely up to the standard 8.5 x 11. At the larger size, we are looking at (about) 48-page adventures for Ghost Ship, Fane, and Comet. The hardback at the larger size will better accommodate all the words and pictures without having an unmanageable page count (which drives up printing costs).

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9/23/2014 11:32 pm  #42

Re: New Masthead for AS&SH (Adventures + Game)

Ghul wrote:

DMPrata wrote:

Ghul wrote:

Well, I expected that some folks might say they like the original masthead more than the new one; likewise, some folks will prefer the current boxed set format over the forthcoming hardback. It's unavoidable. The main idea here is to reinvigorate the line.



(I had to log in just to say)

Also, and this is a bit embarrassing, but my box set is getting to full of dead characters to contain more modules, so I guess I can handle the new format. It's funny--we went out to Michigan in August, and I wanted to show the game to a buddy of mine out there. I realize it was the first time the lid had been on the box since I got it!


9/24/2014 12:17 pm  #43

Re: New Masthead for AS&SH (Adventures + Game)

DMPrata wrote:


My mother was a Coca Cola fanatic when I was a child, and I remember she almost lost her mind during the six months or so when only New Coke was available.

To this day she insists Coke Classic isn't really the same as the older Coca Cola; it's just closer to it than New Coke was.  Or so she says.


Michael Sipe 1979-2018
Rest in peace, brother.

9/24/2014 12:29 pm  #44

Re: New Masthead for AS&SH (Adventures + Game)

She's right. This is when Coca-cola switched over from using Sugar to High Fructose Corn Syrup. When Classic came back, it wasn't the same recipe. Very sly move.

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1/21/2015 5:33 am  #45

Re: New Masthead for AS&SH (Adventures + Game)

Ghul wrote:

For example:


That kicks some serious pulp butt. 


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