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2/20/2024 3:45 pm  #1

Ape men treasure

So I am currently designing an adventure for my group. One of the placed monsters is a group of apemen with a chieftain in an abandoned guard tower. Looking at the monster stat block the treasure listed for the ape men and their chieftain are exactly the same. Other similar humanoid types their leaders have different treasure types or ammount listed. Is this a typo of the text or does the ape man chieftain have the same treasure as the rest of his tribe as a lair?

Take a Ook Into A Book.

2/28/2024 12:12 pm  #2

Re: Ape men treasure

I use all manner of apemen, cavemen and stone age people in my games, I use the treasure tables listed but then I make the treasures all raw metals, and minerals, nothing cut or formed. They dig around for shine-ies and treasure them far beyond their inherent value. They are usually strung in their matted hair or hung about their waists or necks on strings of sinew, tied with bits and bobs of various other "treasures" that are usually valueless baubles (they do not know any better). The leaders would just have more and "fancier" baubles IMHO. 

not sure if it is a typo though....

Del Teigeler, Illustrator

2/29/2024 2:19 pm  #3

Re: Ape men treasure

That is an error. They should have an individual treasure type, because the broader treasure types for an ape-man lair in general are covered by the standard ape-man entry.

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