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2/12/2024 5:37 pm  #1

Gary Con 2024

Coming up fast - who's all in this year?   


2/26/2024 5:06 pm  #2

Re: Gary Con 2024

Me and my cohorts are attending, only got into one Hyperborea event though, "Carnal Creatures of the Ythaqquan Plateau', but it sounds like a banger! ... We're not loading our schedule as much as past years this time, want more free time to mingle and meet (and off grid game) ... Beside the Hyperborea event, we're in the AD&D tourney again this year, "Nexus of Elder Evil" (I spied DMPrata got a seat at that as well), a Top Secret:NWO event (ran by TS:NWO/Solarian main dude himself, Jayson Elliot), a Pirate Borg Game, and we finish off Saturday night with a 6 hour Gamma World ... We're super stoked ... Would love to meet up at some point with like-minded Hyperborea enthusiasts. 


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