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1/27/2023 5:28 pm  #41

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

Cheers all! Here's to many more years of adventuring in Hyperborea to come! Hope that Jeff and others in the third party space are having a very good day today.


1/27/2023 5:29 pm  #42

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

Thank you to all my family, friends, industry peers, and fellow gamers who reached out to me after Wizards of the Coast announced their intention to revoke the Open Game License (OGL). This license, created in 2000, granted my small publishing company (established in 2010) and other publishers the right to access a repository of common terminology for use in countless fantasy role-playing games and supplements. The revocation of this license represented a serious threat to the continuation of my small business, North Wind Adventures.

Today, the decision to revoke the OGL has been reversed. Furthermore, the terminology that it contains has been entered into Creative Commons, which affords publishers an alternative method of usage, which is permanently irrevocable.

The people have spoken, and the powers that be at Wizards of the Coast have listened. This is not only a victory for fans and third party publishers; it is also a victory for WotC, for they can only benefit from continued third party support.

North Wind Adventures will carry on, publishing Hyperborea content for years to come. Many thanks for your support and encouragement.

Jeffrey Talanian

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1/27/2023 6:26 pm  #43

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea


Michael Sipe 1979-2018
Rest in peace, brother.

1/27/2023 6:36 pm  #44

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

Yes! We keep our game!

Now, Jeff you were saying some products on the horizon? * rubbing my hands together*


1/28/2023 7:46 am  #45

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

That is awesome news Jeff, glad to hear the strange gates to Hyperborea remain open...

"It is all very well to point out that the man lacks facility; as he asserts, sheer force can overpower sophistication."
Jack Vance, Rhialto the Marvellous

1/28/2023 10:21 am  #46

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

"And there was much rejoicing!"  ---  MP&tHG

I'm quite new to the Realm of Hyperborea, but share in the relief that this little hexagonal piece of the Multiverse has survived a potential Nightfall (Bat).  Good hunting to Jeff & Co. as Helios rises again.  


1/28/2023 12:04 pm  #47

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

This is excellent news, and a huge relief.  These changed licensing arrangements posed an existential threat to the D&D influenced hobby, and the collective of players put aside its day-to-day differences and spoke with unity.  Glad WotC seemingly listened and have done the right thing.  Long live Hyperborea! 


1/28/2023 12:13 pm  #48

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

Vetus Miles wrote:

Yes! We keep our game!

Now, Jeff you were saying some products on the horizon? * rubbing my hands together*

I hear my wallet weeping. I can't tell if it's joy or not ;-)

I know I'm looking forward to any and all future North Wind products.

What? Me worry?

1/28/2023 1:37 pm  #49

Re: OGL 1.1 and Hyperborea

Excellent news!  Glad things worked out and looking forward to more Hyperborea greatness in the future!

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