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11/18/2022 2:52 pm  #61


## 2022-02-17


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-18

get back to the Eel and recover

### 576-10-19

Emmett starts making greek fire

Aldia and Verg watch the tenement. Prop up a passed out
dude in the door way. Watch 6 people approach the tenement
and take away the passed out dude.

Tor, Verica, and Ranzell go somewhere and Tor and Verica return.

### 576-10-20

Aldia, Alsufr, Verica, and Verg watch the tenement.

They see 8 folks walking down the street. One of them
bumps into a dude that was sitting, drinking for his jug.

The drinker makes a comment to the person and soon enough
and argument and then a brawl breaks out. The group is kicking
the crap out of the drinker.

The quartet decide to get involved. By the time they get to the
street the group is at the far end of east end of the street.
Aldi and Asulfr shoot some arrows at them, killing two.

Verica attends to the drinker: making sure he is alive, rolling
him for loose change, and healing him.

The group runs away, yelling for the town guard.

The dead bodies are looted for a ground total of 6 cp. The
quarter make a getaway and head back to the Eel via an indirect

Later that night some town guard are in the Eel asking around
about 4 folks that killed 2 towns folks that day. The descriptions
don't quite match the quartet.

### 576-10-21

Torcan hangs out at the central market. The quartet
hang out on the rooftop.

Nothing much happens.

### 576-10-22

The whole gang but Kallisto, Arsalian, and Emmett hang out
on the rooftop but nothing of note happens.

### 576-10-23

Kallisto is done with training. Nothing much happens at the stakeout.

### 576-10-24

Torcan and Aldi go off on a wild goose chase.

Asulfr, Verica, and Kallisto keep watch on the rooftop, another
unevenful day.

Early that even Torcan and Aldi return. They inform the party
that they found one of She-Verg's minions (the only minion as
far as they can recall) with a dozen folks. The minion and dozen
people are followed.

Eventually they disappear into the brush in a part of Ward 4 that
nature has taken over in earnest. Aldi and Torcan think they
move quietly through the brush, looking for the folks they have
been following.

The eventually see what looks to a building that has mostly covered
in vegetation. Some stone blocks are seen through the plants
inferring a continuous, vertical structure.

They also see a trio of zombies and decide to leave post haste.

### 576-10-26

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks


What? Me worry?

11/19/2022 10:17 am  #62


## 2022-02-24


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-25

It is decided to take the folks available and raid the place.

As they make their way through the overgrowth, shrubs, bushes, and trees
3 zombies walk around the building.

Arsalian and Torcan fail to turn them. Verica is able to however.

The ivy covered walls of the building are slowly approached. A second
trio of zombies round the corner of the building. They are shot at
by folks. Asulfr during one volley manages to hurt himself with
his bow.

During this, a quartet of archers appear at the top of the building. They
are no match for the volley of arrows, bolts, and ice darts sent their

As the group slowly walk up to the northeast corner of the building
a group of 6 cultists charge them. The leader trips as he gets to
Arsalian. Verg however does take a big hit from the mook that
charged him.

A second wave of 5 attackers rounds the corner. They too are dispatched.

Aldi moves around the corner and sees 4 rows of bad people. Two of
them are sitting on the ground. He sees goat boy, Mistress Euphemia,
and a third individual he can't quite place. They are joined by 16
other cultists.

He then sees a small, deformed lizard appear next to the lady on
the ground to the left of Euphemia. The other lady has a grotesque
green thing appear next to her. They were both pointing at Aldi
when this happens.

He takes a shot at one of the sitting ladies.

The creatures start running after him. The green thing moves surprisingly
fast for something that looks like a humanoid body jammed onto
a starfish along with 4 bony tentacles.

The lizard thing is killed. The green thing is able to charge
Aldi. He takes some damage from the amazing cold radiating from
the thing.

As the thing is killed Asulfr also somehow injuries himself when
trying to shoot it with an arrow.

We pause the excitement here.

### 576-10-26

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

What? Me worry?
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11/20/2022 9:24 am  #63


## 2022-03-03


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-25

Combat continues

The party hears Euphemia say "Bring me them as sacrifices".

Torcan can see the gang of mooks run his way.

The 12 mooks run up as 2 more creatures appear. A red one and
a white one.

Kallisto, Aldi, Araslian, and Torcan take out of few mooks before
Alsulfr casts entangle and traps 3 of them.

Euphemia, Goat Boy, and the third leader type person move up along
with some minions.

The fast mover is shot at but knocks away the projectile. She's
a monk.

Then Verica, Asulf, and Verg get held. One of the minions moves
extremely fast in the mean time.

Kallisto fights the fast minion while Torcan fights off the mooks
that try to overbear him. Aldi takes out a few mooks.

It is decided as the Big Bad Folks get closer to get the held
people and run away. Kallisto moves to get Verg, Torcan grabs
Verica, and Aldi and Arsalian grab Asulfr.

The monk continues her attack on Kallisto and is able to deliver
a stunning blow.

The bad people get closer until they are able to Command Arsalian
to sleep.

Torcan figures the group is sunk so he decides to go down swinging.
As does Aldi.

They are able to kill a minion in scale mail and another that
made his way to Aldi.

Goat Boy and The Other Guy watch and laugh.

Torcan and Aldi hold on long enough for Kallisto recover and
get the drop on Goat Boy.

Aldi and Torcan are able to kill the minions **and** Euphemia.

One minion drops a Smoking cloud and Torcan and those party
members near him and nopes the f*** away.

TOG stick around briefly before running away.

Goat Boy gets a hit in on Kallisto before he is surrounded by
Kallisto, Aldi, and Torcan.

Goat Boy is able to throw some dust on himself that causes him
to disappear, just as Arsalian recovers from his sleep Command and
exit the cloud.

The party is able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Bodies are looted and people healed.

It is decided to wait the 8 days it takes Verg to identify the magic

It is also decided to give Emmett enough time to make another round
of fire.

### 576-10-26

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks
Starts another batch

### 576-11-05

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

Verg identifies the last item.

There were 4 magic items found:

+1 sling (goes to Verica)
+2 quarterstaff (goes to Verg)

Periapt of Wound Closing

+1 quarterstaff (suggested to give to merc with party)

### 576-11-06

Can now go out in the world to cause mayhem

I really wish I could have really captured the tension in this session and last.

I thought the party was getting TPKd. The Entangle spell really helped but onlye blunted the overwhelming numbers. Really created a barrier to have to go around

Zilzoon aka Goat Boy really, really became the party's nemesis on this day. He already was, I think this just pushed into an existential thing for them.

This definitely set in motion a chain of events with the survivors, on both sides. It influences so much of the campaign :-)

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11/21/2022 8:13 am  #64


## 2022-03-10


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

Other loot garned: small glowing stone like the big glowing stone

### 576-10-25

That everyone is heading downstairs to their rooms
a 9 foot tall bird/vulture thing appears.

"The prayers of Zilzoon to Thaumagorga have been answered and I
am here to kill you all" its otherworldly voice says.

It attacks kallisto and verica. After hearing some ruckus Emmett
comes out of his lab and yells at everyone and tells them to
shut the f*** up.

The party's attack forces it to teleport away to another part of the
room. Emmett finally sees it and tosses fire at it.

The group is able to finish it off.

A watch is set up throughout the night.

### 576-10-26

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks
Starts another batch

### 576-10-27

When they get upstairs to start their day Xill tells them there
has been graffiti on the eels walls. Each wall has the horned
symbol of Thaumagorga. On three of the walls "HE COMES FOR YOU" is
written there in blood, as are the symbols.

Verg identifies the sling as being +1.

### 576-10-28

Hangout, go to church, etc. There is a rumor that almost 30 people
have gone missing in the last few days.

This could explain why the ward guard has been on edge the last
day or two.

Quarterstaff +2 identified

### 576-11-01

Decide to check out the tenement.

Do a decent job of going through the temple area and don't find
much of anything. The lab room has been emptied of all equipment.

As the group is walking back to the eel 5 daemons come into
existence and attack. Four are the fast, red ones and a lone
white wormy one.

Kallisto slips and stumbles when shooting. Verica doesn't do much
better then the sling flies from her hand and lands 8 feet in front
of her. Aldi even manages to drop his bow.

With all of that, the daemons are taken care of with decent speed. Even the 3 archers sniping from atop the building are dealt with.

Paused here

### 576-11-02

Quarterstaff +2 identified

### 576-11-04

Periapt of wound closing identified

### 576-11-05

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

Verg identifies the last item.

There were 4 magic items found:

+1 sling (goes to Verica)
+2 quarterstaff (goes to Verg)

Periapt of Wound Closing

+1 quarterstaff (suggested to give to merc with party)

### 576-11-06

Can now go out in the world to cause mayhem

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11/22/2022 1:11 pm  #65


## 2022-03-17


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-02

Quarterstaff +2 identified

Aldi, Arsalian, Torcan, Verica, and Kallisto go check out the
temple the were last at.

Aldi, Torcan, and Verica climb to the roof and walk around clockwise.

Aldi sees 2 skeletons, warns the group, and Arsalian is able to
take control of them.

The entry way has some columns going down the middle. It opens
up into an area with a curtain to the right and a door to the leftish.

The skeletons are used to tear down the curtain. Behind it is a roughly
hewn statue of Thaumgagorga: horned helmet, armored demon thing with
a two-handed scimitar that is stylized to look like it is flaming.

The wall behind it has a scarlet tapestry that looks worn. There are
doors to the north and south. The skeletons tear down the tapestry to
reveal a bare wall.

Torcan checks the door to the south and goes in. It has a small bed
and a small, blue tapestry on the east wall. He finds a secret door
in the south east corner of the south wall. Behind it is a small room
with some boxes and a chest.

He unlocks the chest and is unable to avoid the needle trapped he missed
finding. The hand it went into feels numb but that is the extent of it.

Inside the chest is a suit of chain mail, 4 books, a scroll, and 5 gems.

Verica checks out the northern door, finding no traps or locks she
goes in. Inside is a small room with 3 small table and 3 stools. She
rights "K+V 4EVA" on a table.

Moving further north in the space some more doors are found around
a larger, empty area. Double doors to the east, one door to the north,
some double doors to the far west, and the one door they say earlier to
the south of the western double doors.

The door to the west is check and opened by Torcan. A long narrow
room with low benches on the north and south walls are seen. Arsalian
and him go in. There are blotches on the floor. They are the color of
old, dried blood and have the appearance and size of a blood smeared hand.

The double doors to the east back in the big open area are checked
by Verica and Kallisto opens them and goes in.

There is a small table near the eastern wall and curtains to the north
and south.

She tears both down. Behind the southern one are 2 small tables and
2 stools.

The northern area has a round table with 4 stools. On the table are
plates and utensils. There are moldy humps on the plates.

The final northern door is checked by Torcan. Arsalian and him enter.
To the right as they enter are 2 small statues of what looks like a
skeleton wrapped in tight, shiny leather, like obsidian colored. The
head is a bare skull with no leathery skin on it. The long arms end
in talons.

Small stairs go to a room with bas reliefs on the western wall that
look like hammers were taken to them. There are small alcoves on the
north and south walls that are have stone rubble or what look like
pottery shards.

Ars and Tor figure that the Thaumagorgans desecrated the place.

Verica checks the final set of double doors. Inside are 2 long
tables with chairs at each end. Verica checks and opens the set
of double doors on the western wall, but only after more K+V graffiti
on the tables.

These doors open to a large space. To the northwest is a huge
statue that was probably Mordezza. It's missing its head and arms. The
head is on the floor amid the rubble.

We pause things here.

### 576-11-04

Periapt of wound closing identified

### 576-11-05

Alsufr finishes learning Befriend Animals

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

Verg identifies the last item.

There were 4 magic items found:

+1 sling (goes to Verica)
+2 quarterstaff (goes to Verg)

Periapt of Wound Closing

+1 quarterstaff (suggested to give to merc with party)

### 576-11-06

Can now go out in the world to cause mayhem

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11/24/2022 6:59 am  #66


## 2022-03-24


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-02


The area to the north of the statue has a small hallway with a
door to the north and a door to the south. The hallway ends
in a small room with a well in it.

The door to the north checked, and gone through. Some beds
are found but not much else. The door on the east side
of the room is checked and opened next.

A large, long table with benches is found. Dishes, pans, utensils,
and other food related items are on it. Shelves with foodstuffs
are found Torcan takes some of the better preserved stuff.

Directly north of the statue is an opening into a room/hallway
that follows the northwest corner of the temple/building.

Verica checks it out. She finds dozens of straw filled mattresses.
Rummaging through everything she finds several small boxes and
the sum of coins found are: 300sp and 50gp

The large room continues south. To the west is an opening to
the outside. Two skeletons are standing outside but not venturing
in when the party walks by.

Opposite this entrance are double doors. Verica checks and opens
them. There are a pair of dais that are small and each creates
a small plinth that is bare. The nook to the north is a footlocker
Inside it are 2 books: The Book of GWAR and one filled with druidic
writing. Verica takes both books and carves her usual graffiti into
the bed frame.

Torcan checks out the southern nook and finds nothing.

On the east wall are two doors. The northern door leads to a room
that was cleared previously.

The southern of the doors is checked and opened.

Inside is a room that looks ransacked. Clothes, papers, and dresser
draws are strewn about. Torcan goes through the mess and finds nothing
of value. He gets the impression from the wardrobe that it is more likely
a woman used this room than a man.

Going back to the previous room the door in the southern was is checked
and opened. In this room is a black, granite statue. A crudely formed
helmet and sword equip it. On closer inspection it is Mordezzan dressed
up as Thaumagorga.

A few more sleeping areas are found

Verica checks a door goes in. It looks like more sleeping quarters.
She does find a few books. What looks to be a druidic spell and
some long thing "The Book of GWAR" it reads. She takes both of them.

Verica finds the Mook Book Nook and throws things around.

More rooms are explored.

The last room has a large chest. On either side are banners. They
are blue with orange trim. In the center is an Orange bulldog.

Torcan checks for traps but doesn't think they are any. He unlocks
it. A small dart hits him. The poisoned dart does minimal damage to him.
He prceeds to find and open the box.

As he opens the chest, a cloud of gas envelopes Torcan. He feels all the
muscles in his body seize for a second or two but then relax. He feels
like he's drunk and impaired for a bit.

Inside it he finds 1,000sp, 150gp, 11 gems and several books.

On the covers of them is embossed "The Chronicles of the Orange Bulldog
Clan". It describes various jobs this group of mercenaries and their
antecedents have done. The oldest date listed is from 736 years ago.

It describes various forks and splits of the mercenary company as well.

The book with the current dates has them working for one Zilzoon Qaan.
This book is kept and the rest are left in the chest.

Arsalian's skeletons are used to attack the 2 skeletons guarding the
entrance. They are smashed thoroughly and decisively. They are then
set up to guard the chest and banners of the Orange Bulldog Clan.

The group heads back to the Eel and rest up and decide their next actions.

Upcoming events for Verg, Asulfr, and Emmett:

### 576-11-04

Periapt of wound closing identified

### 576-11-05

Alsufr finishes learning Befriend Animals

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

Verg identifies the last item.

There were 4 magic items found:

+1 sling (goes to Verica)
+2 quarterstaff (goes to Verg)

Periapt of Wound Closing

+1 quarterstaff (suggested to give to merc with party)

### 576-11-06

Can now go out in the world to cause mayhem

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11/25/2022 10:00 am  #67


## 2022-03-31

    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-03

Aldi, Arsalian, Torcan, and Kallisto go talk to ward guards.
Specifically the jailhouse they know about/have seen.

Before going to the jailhouse they stop at a bar near there.

They enter the Death's Door Inn and Tavern. A rather stout Ixian
fellow is just coming from behind the bar, "Welcome to the Death's
Door Inn and Tavern. What can I get you?", he cheerfully asks.

Aldis says a round of beer.

"Excellent. Pagos, get these fine folks their beer", he says to
another taller, more slender Ixian dude. He doesn't seems like he
has his full wits about him.

"My name is Nabazosa, and that is my brother, Pagos, bringing you
your beer. What brings you to my place? You have the look of folk
that have been near Death's door itself...and maybe shown a few to
it yourselves," as he gives the group a wink and a grin.

Aldi asks about missing people and death cults. Nabazos says the wardens mentioned something about that a week or so ago. As for death cults
Mordezzan is a respectable death cult since Death comes for us all.

The group talks about running into a death cult that might be responsible
and how they followed them to a place in the 4th ward. Dressing up
statues like their diety. Nabazos asks them for more details.

"They did what to Mordezzan? Like Thaumagorga?" Nabazos shows a lot of
interest. Especially about how they've had some run-ins with it,
and their leader.

Eventually Nabazos is talked into telling one of his experiences with
Death's Door.

"You've heard of the Spiral Array and the wealth and weirdness that can
be found there? Well, I had a map to a cavern in those frozen mountains
that promised wealth.

What was neglected in the details was that cavern being home to several
abominable snow men. Tall bastards and huge. Took out a friend before
we could take care of them.

We found a hidden entrance in the back. That eventually led to this
throne room looking thing. The throne had this funky trap that shot an
ice bolt like thing. I was able to dodge it but some party members
behind me weren't so lucky.

We did find some good amount of loot though. That we had to carry through
the frozen Plains of Leng the other unpleasant lands between here and the
Sprial Array.

Long story short though, I decided to call it quits, buy a bar, take
care of my brother, and try to enjoy the rest of my days"

Aldi told the story of rescuing Kallisto. Goat Boy's name wasn't
mentioned. Nabazos was a bit credulous that someone was able to
subdue a tall drink of water like her.

After some more chit chat he said he would keep and eye and an ear
out for things.

Next stop was the jail. There were 6 Wardens and 3 non-Warden looking
people hanging outside. As the party got closer the group raised the
the bottles they were drinking from at the group. It's obvious they
have been/are drinking.

Some idle banter is exchanged, they just got off their shift and
are relaxing and unwinding.

Aldi decides to say that Kallisto thinks she can take them in an
arm wrestling match.

They go from rather happy go lucky Wardens to, "Get the f*** out of
here" Wardens.

Aldi and the rest oblige.

A ward garrison in the northwest section of the ward is tried next

There are 7 Wardens hanging out.

As the party walks up to them one looks at Aldi and says, "Vedr
old buddy, what have you been up to?"

Aldi tells her that he's not Vedr. "Well, you are the spitting
image of him."

Aldi retorts with, "He must be a handsome fellow then."

"No doubt you are both good lucking mother fuckers," she says.

Aldi says that he was stopping by to pay some protection fees.

Sure says Torria, "come inside and we'll get you registered"

"Here's 40 gp for me and 5 for Vedr if he ever comes around"

"Why thank you," says Torria.

Aldi asks about the missing people. Torria thinks she heard
something about that, "Maybe by the eastern part of the ward,
by the 4th's wall.

Torria does say she'll bring it up with her sgt. and if Aldi
comes back in about 3 days she might have some info.

Aldi thanks here and says stop by at the Silvery Eel and he'll
buy her a drink.

Torcan talks everyone to do a walk of the docks before heading

A Moorish lady walks by the group, does a double take and then
walks over the Torcan.

"Curnan, how have you been?"

"Fine" torcan replies.

Some more idle chit chat happens. During this Aldi is introduced
as Vedr. She think Torcan is a ranger, and asks about the new

Torcan mentions the Lug, the undead army, and such.

"Makes sense, dangerous place."

She mentions being a merchant, in the import export game.

Talks about travelling to Port Greely. Notes the locals
are rather different. Other trading points are mentioned. She
then continues off down the docks.

### 576-11-04

### 576-11-05

Alsufr finishes learning Befriend Animals

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

Verg identifies the last item.

There were 4 magic items found:

+1 sling (goes to Verica)
+2 quarterstaff (goes to Verg)

Periapt of Wound Closing

+1 quarterstaff (suggested to give to merc with party)

### 576-11-06

Can now go out in the world to cause mayhem

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11/27/2022 11:27 am  #68


## 2022-04-07


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-04

Session starts here and choose to fast forward to the 6th.

### 576-11-05

Alsufr finishes learning Befriend Animals

Emmett finishes making greek fire, 2 flasks

Verg identifies the last item.

There were 4 magic items found:

+1 sling (goes to Verica)
+2 quarterstaff (goes to Verg)

Periapt of Wound Closing

+1 quarterstaff (suggested to give to merc with party)

### 576-11-06

Emmett goes to visit Ogan.

Ogan was having an intense discussion with a rock.

Emmett asks how things are going with the rock.

"I was telling it how the wind is blowing from the North which
is a bit abnormal. Like its coming from the Spiral Array like
the Spires are in on it, man"

He then zones out for a few minutes.

Hey, who are you?


Shares some food

The witch kings knew things. They understood the Obelisks.

Then they changed, man. They strayed from the True Forms.

Ogan pauses and zones out again.

Then comes back, finds a box, and then tears into a sermon
on how Khromarium has lost its way.

Emmett knows this will go for about and hour and lets
the group know they can leave.

The gang walks about the neighborhood. Ten Wardens that are
drinking and having a good time are walking the street and
drinking. Aldi goes up and asks them if they've heard anything
about roving undead.

"Can't you see we are off-duty? Dafuq dude? Get the f*** out
of here".

The rest of the walk goes by uneventfully.

Verg suggests going to a temple of Mordezzan. There is one
in Ward 4.

The go and find one. Kakortok is the priest they find in the
empty temple. Verg and Verica give the details. She sends an
acolyte with them but requires Aldi to stay with her.

The acolyte reports back and Kakortok thanks them. Verg gives
them info about where to find the party and to let them know
if they hear anything about a Thaumagorga cult.

### 576-11-07

Verg thinks it's a good idea to go down to the docks and see
if any crew has come in from Stonebrook and then ask them
about the zombie situation.

They walk into The Witch and The Starfish. The crowd turns to
see who came in, then return to their debauchery.

Verg announces loudly "Has anyone been in Stonebrook lately?"

A group at the back, "Woo! We just got in from there!" More
than a dozen folks that are really drunk are in this group.

Verg orders a round of beer for them. He asks how things are
and if there are zombies about.

One speaks up, "We just got in from there today. Let's see
unloaded, went to the Drunken Tentacle, checked about the
  cargo, went to the 'Tentacle...hey Zonukur, what did those
  guards say? Things had quieted down but they are still pulling
  extra guard duty on the ramparts."

Torcan buys another round upon hearing the good news. They are
left to get back to their cards and dice.

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11/28/2022 1:24 pm  #69


## 2022-04-14


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

Ars needs to roll lvl 4 HP

Verg rolled a 4 for lvl 4 hp
Chose Hold Portal and Ice Axe for spells (4th level choice)
and was somehow missing a spell choice

### 576-11-08

Decide to go back to the 2nd place where they think goat boy
was. It's by Verica's and Torcan's temple of Rel, north of
the Old Graveyards. Hereafter referred to as the wino's retreat.

They find 6 drunks there and chat with them. Enticing them with
wine if they give them any info about goat boy.

Go back to the Eel and ponder the missing people

Going back to the abbey or the zombie hoedown was discussed but
not decision was made.

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11/28/2022 1:26 pm  #70


## 2022-04-21


    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-09

It is decided to follow up on the map and key that was found
in the mansion of deadly doors.

A boat is probably the easiest way to get there and a war
galley, Berg Breaker, routinely docks outside the 'Eel.

It just so happens that when Verg is getting is breakfast
the captain (Agathon) and first mate (Kiloplo - Hyperborean) are also eating theirs.

They don't figure out what their journey will be like.

"Well, we'll be heading to Stonebrook, then up to Gal City. On the way
back will probably hit New Vinland, and then Stonebrook."

"It will be a one way trip if that's ok with you?"

Verg is ok with it and the rather crude accommodations for the
one day trip. A price of 5gp each is agreed upon.

"We ship out in 3 days"

### 576-11-12

The trip goes by peacefully.

Even the night on the shore of the river is quiet.

### 576-11-13

The rest of the day is spent following the creek that leads to the
place on the map.

At the cliff face a couple old fire rings are found. An old, gnarled
leafless shrub is investigated by Aldi. It takes him a bit to cross the
creek because Torcan insists on having Aldi belayed in case something
bad happens crossing the creek.

The creek is only 2 feet deep and the shrub has nothing on interest.

Verg leads the way into the cave the creek is flowing out of.

It leads to a stone boat dock. The top of which is 5 feet above water
level. There are 2 flat bottomed boats moored here.

The southern one has a mooring line that is rotted and the bottom of
it poorly patched.

The northern one has seats that are wet, a half chewed fish, and
something carved into the bottom.

Verica is able to read it. It is a crude Pictish she associates with
how orcs speak.

There is a hallway that leads to the east and doors on the north and
south sides of the dock.

The north door has a peep hole carved in it with "Knock First" written
on it.

Torcan checks the southern door. Finding no traps nor locks he goes in.
Kallisto and Verg following him in.

In the center of the room is a dried patch of blood. A torn backpack
is next to it along with a footman's flail.

Torcan checks the backpack and finds 10 candles, a tinder box, an
executioner style hood, and a silver holy symbol of Thaumagorga.

He takes the hood and symbol.

In the south wall of the room is another door. Torcan checks it, finds
it ok to open, and opens it.

He barely sees the thin outline of 2 things that attack him.

Kallisto joins in and they are able to take out 4 of these eel men.

Meanwhile, Aldi has to fend of 2 by himself.

These 6 eel men are killed

Looting the bodies turns up nothing of value.


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## 2022-04-28


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-13

Emmett can't contain himself. He knocks on the door and then
gets out of the view of the peephole and leaves Merc just
standing there.

A very pale, thin person in a black hat and wearing all black
ask, "How may I help you?"

He beckons them in and explains that his name is Zirrind. He has
a colleague Redbeck.

"Don't be too alarmed when you see him. He's just trying to run
a business"

He leads the party through his room and through a door. Prior to
opening it he waves a small, golden key like thing before opening

In the next room are 2 people that look a little fishy, literally.
They have ridges on their necks that look like gills but don't
appear to be actual gills.

The real surprise is Redbeck. A giant troll, at least 10 feet tall.

In a gruff voice he asks, "what do you want?"

He offers the services of his lackeys to act as guide. It would
cost 10gp per day.

The party eventually settles on hiring a guide.

They make their way through the complex and get to a room with
a portrait sized iron mirror. Bob, the guide, tells folks to stay
at least 5 feet away from it.

A door on the south wall is made out of yew and has what is best
described as a "death motif". Engravings of skulls, killings, etc.
As Torcan checks the door he notes cold emanating from it and and
general sense of dread.

This doesn't really disturb Verg too much and he opens it and walks
through it. As he does he is overwhelmed with fear and dread.

Everyone avoids looking at it except for Verica and Kallisto. Instead
of the expected reflections they are shadowy.

After a short while Kallisto's reflection disappears and is replaced
by a woman with white hair and dark/blue eyes.

The says hello. This kinda freaks Verica out and she moves out of the
view of the mirror. Emmett steps in to talk with this person. She
introduces herself as Emanreh. They bond a bit over similar sounding

During the conversation she asks how things are there. It's been
some time since she's been there and is curious. Emmett mentions
Redbeck and his folks. How they haven't really explored much.

She agrees to give them what info she has if the party tells her
what they find. She gives an explanation of the rod that was
wrapped up in the map leading to this place. She calls it a
"prime rod". It can help you light "spectral candles". It's
empathetic to the user and such. Something to do with planar

The conversation comes to an end. Her form is replaced by
Kallisto's shadowy reflection.

The rest of the group goes through the weird door. Arsalian didn't
seem to get affected by it. The same goes for Emmett.

Verg continues his dauntless exploration of the space and finds a
room with a circular dais in the center. There are 3 steps leading
up to the top of it. He can't quite see the top of it.

As he gets closer to the room he is able to see line upon line
of odd, angular runes covering the floor, ceiling, and walls. He
recognizes several variations on death, undeath, water, and
transformation among them. That is all the detail he and suss
from them.

In the northeast corner is a 5 gallon carboy filled with some
liquid. A metal pipe comes from it and extends into the ceiling.

In the northwest corner is a long metal lever with a squeeze-handle
on it.

Verg is able to see what look to be tow shackles/manacles at one end
of the platform atop the dais, along with two more near the
middle, and only 1 at the other end.

When Emmett gets into the room he goes directly to the lever and
pulls on it. Nothing happens.

The climbs up the dais and looks more closely at the platform atop it.

There is a person sized depression, with hundreds of tiny holes/perforations
in it. He looks up and notices a hole in the ceiling directly
above the end of the table with a single, large shackle/manacle.

Not finding much of interest Emmett and Verg continue on.

The get to a 10 foot square iron door. Torcan notes the obvious keyhole
and lack of hings on the side he standing. He easily unlocks it and
opens it to a room with many doors.

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## 2022-05-05


  not present

    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-13

Torcan opens the door and inside is a room that is 50 by 40 feet with
doors spaced around it. In the center of the room is an iron plate
with 8 levers coming out of it.

There is some writing in front of each but he can't make it out from
the doorway. One of the levers is angled towards the north.

Torcan notifies Emmett of the situation and he comes and assesses things.
He notes that there is a letter in front of each, A through H. H is the
lever that has been moved.

Emmett makes sure everybody is kinda ready when he pulls lever A.

There is a rumble in the ceiling, the door to Emmett's left snaps open
and a ghast comes running out. It stops just short of the iron plate.
It's leg in a shackle connected to a chain coming from the cell it was
in. Emmett is nauseated by it's stench of death.

Aldi shoots some arrows into it. Torcan steps towards it and misses.
Aldi and Torcan continue their attacks. Torcan also becoming
nauseated by the stench.

Verg rolls into the room and throws ice darts at the ghast. His first
two miss, the third somehow goes into his own face grievously wounding

Eventually it is killed. Door B was just a zombie and it was
dispatched relatively quickly.

Door C held a ghoul.

Torcan continues his attack by his swipe with his dagger goes wildly
and it slips from his hand, bouncing against the wall 10 feet to his

The ghoul claws and Tor doing minimal damage. The hit however
is enough for the icy, undead grasp to paralyze Torcan.

Kallisto gets into melee and along with Aldi is able to kill it.

Another zombie was taken care of.

Everyone gets into position as Door E is opened. Another ghast
comes racing out. It takes some damage but it is able to  get
both claws and a bite on Kalli, doing major damage to her. She
is also paralyzed.

It then drags her off into its cell.

Verica loses it and runs over to attack it. Aldi is also paralyzed
at some point.

Verica is able to dodge attacks and finally kill the ghast.

The next door is another ghast that is handled decently.

What would be door H has a small tunnel out of it. Once everyone
has cleared the cells Verica checks out the tunnel.

It goes a short ways and opens up. The chain goes from the back
wall of the cell and down the small opening. At the end of it
are the remains of a zombie along with various animal corpses.

Also, a tiger/lion bodied creature with winds and a hawk's head
notices Verica. It's screeches and rushes towards her but the
opening isn't big enough.

Verica runs out of the cell and yells to close the door. Verg
moves the lever to the south. The chain goes into the wall dragging
the remains of the zombie and then the door to the cell snaps closed.

The cells are then searched. Verg finds a loose tile in own with some
loose dirty under it. He digs around a couple inches, only finding
some more loose dirt.

It is decided to leave the room and close the door to it.

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## 2022-05-12


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-13

The party goes down the stairs where they heard some splashing
sounds. They found two of Bob's colleagues fishing.

As the party goes down the stairs, those that were feeling
dread/fear feel it lift away.

Verica asks if they've caught anything. They haven't it hasn't
been long.

To the northwest of the landing by the creek is a cylindrical
tunnel that is 5 feet in diameter.

Torcan and Verican go in. The walls have brick lick protrusions.
Verica pushes/pulls on them to see if they move. They don't.

The hallway takes a turn to the northeast. About in the middle
of that part of the hall it starts spinning. Verica and Torcan
get tumbled for some damage. Verica is able to avoid most of

The group hustles through that section as Torcan heals himself
a bit. Arsalian takes the lead. After the section that spun
it turns to the north. It dead ends with a vertical shaft going
up 15 feet until ending in a stone ceiling. There is also a lever
in the west wall.

Emmett is tasked to check on things. As he goes by the lever he
pushes it into an upright position. An audible ka-chunk is heard.
He then uses his disk to weightless glide up to the ceiling. He
doesn't find any traps or secret doors.

Verica climbs up but falls. Only her pride is really hurt. Emmett
offers his disk for her to use. Which she does. Verica also
finds naught.

Torcan tries next, accepting the offer of the disk. He makes it a
trifecta of finding nothing.

Arsalian and the merc take the lead back. They also get tumbled
in the spinning hall way. Once again the party hustles through

Back up the stairs and the return of the dread.

The 2 doors by the yew wood door that weren't checked are checked.
Emmett doesn't find traps on the southern door, nor any locks.
He isn't able to open it. He checks the door to the east. No
traps and no lock but he is able to open it.

Inside he finds what looks to be an abandoned lab. Equipment
is everywhere. On old tables, the walls, and even the ceiling.
Broken glassware is on the floor which has obvious stains.

He finds several unbroken bits of unbroken glassware. Three carboys
with the same substance in the room with the circular dias. These
are also 5 gallon containers. There is an alembic with a cloudy solution.
Finally, 4 vials with a yellow sludge in them. Verica sniffs them.
They smell like thyme.

Steps are retraced going back to the north towards the intersection with
the stairs that led up to it. Verg asks Bob what is to the north.

"A room with some crude sketch in it and past that another room with
weird candles"

Emmett checks the door to the "crude sketch" room. It looks to have no
traps nor locks, he opens it, and sees a room.

The room has a smoky odor. A fishing net is draped over 4 long crates
along the west wall. Soot drawings on the walls depict man eel-men
fighting a few enormous claw-lobster hybrid monster that pinch eel-men
in half, and emit wavy lines from shell maws.

Verg is going towards a hallway in the north of the room. As he does
so he is surprised by to mostly transparent eel-man shaped figures.
The do a fair bit of damage to him but Verg is still standing.

He is able to retreat to the southeast corner of the room as Kallisto
and Arsalian step into do their thing.

The fight is going well until Arsalian gets befuddled by the transparent
nature or something of his opponent and manages to cut himself very
bad with his falcata.

Emmett steps up and with one blow splits the remaining eel man in half
with his brother's two-handed scimitar.

The day is growing short.

Verica asks Bob where is a place to stay.

"Well maybe outside or somewhere else I guess"

"Where do you stay?" asks Verica.

"With Redbeck. He isn't one to offer lodging. He just sells

It is decided to go back to the zombie/ghoul/ghast room.

The undead remains are stuff into the west most cell on the south
wall. It's a bit tricky to close because it is determined that
all the cells have to be opened before any of them could be closed.

Then a normal watch is set up.

The consensus is that maybe Bob's guidance wasn't that valuable.

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Yesterday 9:43 am  #74


## 2022-05-26


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-14

A night's rest was had.

Verica cast cure moderate on Verg, filling him up to full crazy.

It is decided to go back to the room with the boxes and where they
fought some eel-men

Torcan cracks open one of the crates and finds 6 long, narrow objects
wrapped in oilskin. He picks it up and it has the general feel of
a sword. He unwraps it and it looks like a Lug standard longsword. All
of the crates are checked and all of the objects are unwrapped to make
sure none of them are special looking.

The short hallway is crossed and it opens into a room. It has a stale,
smokey odor to it. In the southeast corner is a fireplace. There is
some broken furniture piled to one side. To the other is the partial
corpse of a Bob like creature. It looks to have been gnawed upon. In the
hearth is the remains of a human hunter. It smells and looks cooked.
The fire has been cold for some time.

By the western wall is a gold leafed chair. There is a finely dressed
man sitting in it. There is a lit candle on the right arm. The left
arm has a garnet studded golden goblet. The whole thing looks off.

Torcan goes up and pokes at the goblet with a dagger. It passes right
through it. All of it looks partially transparent upon closer inspection.

The door to he north is checked and then opened. Beyond is a hallway. To
the east a door and to the north another door.

Along the longer, north wall is a carved relief. Laborers carry people
wrapped in fabric to the east. Barrels and crates are carried westward.
The is overseen by a stately man holding a coffer. Torcan checks things
more closely and notices something weird about the coffer. He can't put
his finger on it. Torcan mentally flips a coin and then checks out the
door to the east. No traps found nor locks.

The door opens to stairs going down to a stone beach. Tor can see 4
of the eel like things. They are swaying in unison to what can best
be described as a giant, black tongue, rising out of the water.

Tor closes the door and jams a dagger to close it. The other door is
taken. it opens to a gallery with 20 foot, vaulted ceilings. The ceiling is carved to look like the sea bed. There are 12 oysters. In them appears to
be decent sized pearls. There are 4 other carved oysters that have their
pearls missing.

Torcan borrows Emmett's lifting device. He is able to pry out 2 before
pausing to get more. Emmett then gets a couple. He asks Torcan if he
experienced anything weird. Emmett described being pulled under water by
an unseen force. Torcan says basically, "Yeah but it wasn't too bad".

Emmett was able to get 2 pearls and Torcan 3.

While this is going on 3 troglodytes come around the corner and spy
merc and Verg.

Verg is able to ice dart one to death. Merc and Arsalian step in
front of Verg.

During the ensuing melee Torcan takes a shot while weightless using
Emmetts lifter and almost kills merc. He does healing him up a bit
after the fight.

Also during the fight Alsufr hits Aldvi but doesn't really damage
him to much.

The last troglodyte is killed.

Torcan loots the bodies to no avail. He does check the area they came
out of. There are piles of broken tera cotta statues.

Torcan says even monsters should be able to appreciate the finer
things in life.

The double doors at the end of the room are checked then opened. A
hallway with a door to the north and one to the south. The southern
one door is checked and opened.

Th hallway has some alcoves with oversized terra cotta warrior statues
in them. They are mostly transparent.

A door the east is opened and 2 glassed lidded sarcophagi and seen
Torcan check them out and can read one of the runes on the lid. It
means Death. Emmett is called in because he might like the taps and
valves on the outside and drains/cracks on the inside. Torcan
notes a 6 inch circular imprint at head height on the north wall.
It is decided to leave this room and check the door opposite the one
to the room.

This door opens and Tor, Kallisto, and Aldi see a 4 foot wide bronze
eye with a rune inscribed on the pupil. Each is hit by a purple blast
of energy. The door is quickly closed.

The northern door in the previous hallway is checked and opened.
A long hallway extends beyond. There is an archway on the eastern

As the group gets near the archway they can't really see what
might be through the archway. Was can be see is grossly blurred,
almost indistinct and heavily moving.

Emmett tosses some greek fire through. He can't really tell what
happened. It decided to avoid this archway.

The hallway contains north for a bit until it turns east.

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