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7/26/2022 11:19 am  #1

The Tower of the Mammoth:

The Tower of the Mammoth:

Enter the Tower of the Mammoth at your peril for only death awaits!"

I created this adventure base on Thulsa's Elephant Tower and Mongoose's Conan D20 game scenario of the same name; the Tower of the Elephant by Greg Lynch. I have combine maps and rooms and obviously added my own. I have stole, borrowed and changed other's text to suit (even TSR's Conan game had a brief mention of the ToE) and with over 200 locations, I have tired to fill with interest stuff, but left some rooms empty or lacking in occupants and treasure which referees can add to enhance their game; much as I have done to these scenarios.

There is places and rooms I would not expect any adventurer/thief/delver to enter. There is too much. Perhaps doing a 'Dungeon Crawl,' would actually accomplish this, but why, for fun (then good job and enjoy, for that is what the game is for). Still the game is an adventure and like any story, realism is part of life. So any thieves entering the Tower only want to hunt what they seek and flee, not waste time with empty rooms.

As mentioned in text in PDF; there is two ways to play this game as a major dungeon crawl or a quick in and out burglary and perhaps a little bit of both for a third option. The last option might balance things; a bit of fun and some serious delving.

So Bookmarked PDF, so looks good, but if folks see any error, please tell...

I have tried to edit text, but I only human (well part human, part fish, naw that a joke, part superhero, aye, okay... Caveman) and there maybe a few errors; probably more, but the basis of scenario is comprehensive and you get the general idea, so nao problemo...

Hmm, trying to think of anything else... Ah, this might be too powerful, I not play-tested it and that for you folks, so if it goes wrong, it not my fault, (I tell ya...). So, yes, hmm.

So what I mean by 4 to 8 levelled characters might be one 4th-level, two 8th-levels and one each of the other levels in between. Be cautious and stay hidden (is that going to work?)...

The Tower of the Mammoth PDF: Here:

The Tower of the Mammoth Maps: Here:

So good luck and happy delving (upwards)...


7/26/2022 3:09 pm  #2

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

My goodness...that is a lot of work (I'll forego so many obvious puns that can be used here).

Just a quick scan and I think I might have to see how I can work this in to my campaign.

What? Me worry?

7/26/2022 3:35 pm  #3

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

That's Awsome, I'm reading through it now... Great Job/Lot of work...

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7/27/2022 5:44 am  #4

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

Wow, very nice, and thanks for sharing. 

"It is all very well to point out that the man lacks facility; as he asserts, sheer force can overpower sophistication."
Jack Vance, Rhialto the Marvellous

7/27/2022 11:31 am  #5

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

Cheers folks, just having a well earned rest after editing that one (watching some Hammer Horror Dracula stuff that just arrived from Amazon. 1958, can you believe?).


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7/27/2022 3:44 pm  #6

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

Very cool! ... Thanks Caveman.

I also very much enjoyed your ASSH conversion of Corey Waldens 'The Black Ruins' ... Top notch work, all around.


7/28/2022 7:09 am  #7

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

Cheers man, good to know, glad you enjoyed it.

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11/17/2022 12:56 pm  #8

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

Awesome, thank you for sharing!

a.k.a. Tunnel Rat (Discord)

11/18/2022 5:25 am  #9

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

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1/29/2023 12:27 am  #10

Re: The Tower of the Mammoth:

The maps and room descriptions are great and very handy. I will be redoing it for much lower level (this story was one of the first in Conan's career and if he leveled like D&D does he would have been fairly low), but all the extra detail makes that easy. Thank you very much for posting this and sharing it.


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