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11/02/2022 9:10 pm  #1

Omen for other rolls?

Here's a question posed by a player that runs a purloiner:

Omen as described works for attack rolls and saving throws, but could one omen, for example, a pick locks roll?

My gut says yes for purloiners.

Thoughts, counter thoughts, or other?

Manipulate traps comes closer to the "danger" context one could infer from attack rolls and saving throws.

Definitely an interesting twist for a class like purloiners. Especially since I've tried to run extra sessions for the 2 purloiners by themselves to be extra thiefy. They are still a bit too murder hobo-y in their mind set versus thieving.

Like, prep more thief like spells when you know it's "heist night".

Additionally, when you are busting open the strongbox in a distant location from the heist and are raiding its contents, it's probably better to run away than try to go into combat with 4 random mooks that stumble upon you. Even though you do survive, you're thieves not fighters :-)

This shows they are at least trying to find a thief mind set to get into.

What? Me worry?

11/03/2022 5:45 am  #2

Re: Omen for other rolls?

I personally would agree. Seems like a good way to manipulate the spell to include other abilities.


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