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5/26/2022 6:25 pm  #1

Not one of the Monster Cereals


"I don't remember much of the days leading up to the event, I was delirious with Lemurian Swamp Fever and it was all a blur. I remember the cliff face tomb, the statues flanking the dark entrance overgrown with vines and beehives, and the echoing drone that followed us into the shadowy halls. Seeing the cadaverous man rising from his honey-filled coffin... had I not woken up the next day, my fever broken, a vial of miracle honey in my hands, and one of my guides missing, I'd have thought that memory was merely the dream of a sick man..." -EC 

Sometimes, when a priest reaches old age, their thoughts turn to the future, and their mortality. The most devoted have been known to sacrifice themselves, turning to a diet of pure honey until their death, whereupon they are interred in a coffin filled with honey. Eventually, preserved and blessed, the body is reanimated, undead miracle workers who demand sacrifice for holy cures. In combat they are wrathful, protected by the bees that inevitably make their nests in the tombs, coated in honey which catches and slows weapons, and their priestly powers are undulled by death.

Mellified Mummy (Undead Type 8): #E 1|AL LE|SZ M|MV 20|DX 6|AC 4|HD 7|#A 1/1 (pummel)|D 1d6|SV 13|ML 12|XP 1470|TC nil| Special:
Touch of Xathoqqua: A mellified mummy's touch can either cause Mummy Rot as a mummy, or it can cure disease as the spell.
Voice of Woe: With a command, a mellified mummy may shatter the will of its foes, and send pangs of fear into their hearts. Any creature of 5 HD or lower hearing the command must make a sorcery save, failure indicating it flees in panic (d6, 1-3) or is paralyzed with fear (d6, 4-6). The save is modified by willpower adjustment, if applicable.
Resistances: +2 to device and sorcery saves.
Immunities: Immune to cold, fear, paralysis, and poison. Immune to mundane weapons; harmed only by magical weapons, which inflict only 1/2 damage.
Sorcery: A mellified mummy has the sorcery ability of a 7th-level priest. The referee can select spells accordingly (5 x level 1, 4 x level 2, 3 x level 3, 2 x level 4).

Miracle Honey: Small vial of honey from the coffin of a mellified mummy, given by one which has been appropriately placated with the sacrifice given. When consumed, either as is or made into a tea or a hot toddy, this amazing liquid will return even the most sickly to health. Consuming miracle honey will remove curse, remove paralysis, cure blindness, cure deafness, cure disease, neutralize poison, and finally heal the imbiber 1d4+1 hp. Being as rare and highly sought after as it is, one could conceive of a plan to kill a mellified mummy and take its honey; such a plan is easier said than done, and even if successful will definitely make enemies of local communities and quite likely the gods themselves. But the riches if you pull it off...!
XP 1000; GP 2000


5/27/2022 12:30 pm  #2

Re: Not one of the Monster Cereals

This is excellent. Love it.

HYPERBOREA- A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Science-Fantasy

5/27/2022 9:32 pm  #3

Re: Not one of the Monster Cereals

This hits the sweet spot!
100% using this.
Brilliant Imagination.


"We alone of all mankind, who are sorcerers of high attainment and mastery, may endure the lethal ice-change and become breathers of the airless void, and thus, in the end, be made suitable for the provender of such as Rlim Shaikorth." sounds great unless you know what Provender means.

5/28/2022 4:14 am  #4

Re: Not one of the Monster Cereals


Also for the Bat-ma, eh chatterer, not see that one!

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