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4/25/2022 11:37 am  #1

any use music?

Does anyone use music when writing adventures? I do at times.

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4/28/2022 5:59 am  #2

Re: any use music?

Terminator 1; Definite Edition

Blade Runner; Trilogy 25th Anniversary.

Conan Music, I and II films.

Just sit and repeat the stuff for hours as I work and also stuff from here:

Tabletop Audio - Ambiences and Music for Tabletop Role Playing Games

You will enjoy that site...



4/28/2022 10:12 am  #3

Re: any use music?

Conan Soundtracks, along with several others, Last Samurai, Hobbit/LotR, Etc..

I usually go for the instrumentals, not the ones with Voices, but have started using some of the Norse music I dug up on Spotify...

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4/28/2022 3:05 pm  #4

Re: any use music?

I have been using this composers tracks. He has his own web page and lots of the tracks on youtube many are good sound effect tracks too.

I do use the Conan soundtrack and bladerunner. 

Here is an example. :D


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4/29/2022 4:43 am  #5

Re: any use music?

Good Stuff, Chartauk,,,

So much variety to life these day, just cannot listen to the lot.

Yeah, forgot the Lotr stuff, got that on my laptop also...

Last Samurai sound interesting


4/29/2022 10:04 am  #6

Re: any use music?

Yup! I try not to use to many recognizable tracks of music . Rather music that sets the tone and happenings at the table.

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4/30/2022 4:57 am  #7


5/10/2022 7:58 am  #8

Re: any use music?

Always have music on, pretty much 24/7 at my place, so there's always variety.  When gaming we'll use theme music ranging from heavy metal to Celtic to RenFaire to fantasy soundtracks depending on what we're playing that day.  So yeah.  Absolutely helps set the mood.

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5/10/2022 10:38 am  #9

Re: any use music?

Yes it does. It helps with certain scenes and set pieces.

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