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4/13/2022 12:05 pm  #1

Random Treasure Lists

Ok. Normally I have set treasure in a game that the PCs could find or win. I have been writing up random treasure lists lately. They are one use items with a few that have multiple uses possible and the odd permanent items. They run the spectrum of treasure types. Players normally roll for treasure on these tables. I use various themes for these lists.

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4/15/2022 6:37 am  #2

Re: Random Treasure Lists

I collecting many different treasure charts, trying to eventually construct a chart I think best; mostly for Conan D20, with the usual 1 foot tall statue of Set, or necklace of Ishtar, but it going to take years; more important things to do.

Would be interested in what you create...


4/15/2022 12:38 pm  #3

Re: Random Treasure Lists

I mainly use my old rpg books treasure lists in some cases. I look for treasure lists with a more non basic feel on sites like Drivethrurpg. Or in a pinch I use online random generator tables. The real fun is when inspiration hits me and I get a cool idea. I keep yellow legal pads around and write them down before I forget. Then I go back and sort all these random treasure ideas out. I do that by one of my best tools, the 3x5 index cards. I like the colored ones best as I assign topics and categories by color. 
Red = Hostile encounter/enemies
Yellow = Treasures/boons
Green = NPCs
Orange = locations/areas
Blue = Random stuff/cool ideas/ect

I then use index card box holders for the different games or systems the group is running to keep everything organized.
I learned that from my GM and from youtube. On a side note we always use tiny palm sized note pads for our characters at the table. The players keep these for themselves. Players can write anything they want in those, important events,dates,npc locations ,draw maps,names of locations and npcs, clues,ect. Sometimes some of the players bring super large note pads for that information. I like the really small shirt pocket ones.

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4/16/2022 5:43 am  #4

Re: Random Treasure Lists

Well brain drain, my mind exhausted, but working and too many things at moment, but forgot about this.

One of Giz's programs, not sure if you seen it before...

Hyperborea Treasure Table (



4/16/2022 12:17 pm  #5

Re: Random Treasure Lists

Nice generator. I need to use it at table. See how it plays.

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4/17/2022 5:52 am  #6

Re: Random Treasure Lists


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