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11/10/2021 3:41 pm  #1

Beyond Hyperborea

Not sure where to put this but...one of my campaigns has left the great hexagonal plate that is Hyperborea.

Of course, I need to sketch out a general...transportation grid of the thing that they used :-)

I expanded upon the "Taken from Dunwich" setting and placed it in the exact center of the Lemurian Remnant. The party was certain there was something there...so I decided that was it.

I also added some other...mostly hidden places that expands upon 'Dunwich and makes it an old Yith complex for the most part. Or maybe the Yith found it and expanded it.

Regardless, the party is now in a new place that is a mine, and just acquired some blue, glowing diamonds a la the Ghost Ship green ones.

I'm a tiny bit surprised they made this leap but pc's gonna pc.

Should be fun to even just sketch out wtf the Yith are like as a race and wtf they are doing in the places the transportation network goes.

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11/10/2021 4:51 pm  #2

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

Fun! I look forward to hearing what happens next!

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11/10/2021 10:29 pm  #3

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

i like the boldness of this project.


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11/11/2021 3:43 pm  #4

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

Sounds Awsome Gizmo!

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11/12/2021 8:05 am  #5

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

Ghul wrote:

Fun! I look forward to hearing what happens next!

Yeah, me too because I don't even have even rough ideas about wtf is in the pandora's box I just opened.

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11/12/2021 10:03 am  #6

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

This sounds awesome Gizmo ... I've had a plan for this type of eventuality for my players for a long time, but they've never taken the bait ... I plan to plunk them into Carcosa via the Geoffrey McKinney material for LotFP and his general OSR Carcosa hexcrawl modules. The Carcosa material isn't for everybody (it can be pretty disturbing and takes Otherworldy Horror to it's extreme ... pretty sure I read Ghul isn't a fan), but it definitely has the feel of a place out of time and space.


11/13/2021 7:35 am  #7

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

gizmomathboy wrote:

Ghul wrote:

Fun! I look forward to hearing what happens next!

Yeah, me too because I don't even have even rough ideas about wtf is in the pandora's box I just opened.

Those are the best times...surprise both yourself and your players!

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11/29/2021 3:52 pm  #8

Re: Beyond Hyperborea

While we haven't had a session since this happened I have had at least 2 thinking sessions about this.

My current thinking is sort of but not quite a stargate thing.

All of the transportation rooms/circles have to have some commonality.

To accommodate the decisions(s) from the session I think I'm doing this:

The grid is 6x6 (because I'm lazy and it's "easy" for random assignment).

The first 3 rows of buttons all go to the same place within the local "system" contained within those buttons.

The 4th row is "time" hubs within the "local system".

The 5th row is "location" hubs within the Yith "empire"

The 6th row is "time" hubs within the Yith "empire"

I was thinking that some of the buttons got to places within Obelisks, but rejected that. I'm not ready to decide that the Yith had anything to do with them and/or could get "inside" them and construct a transport room.

So, I've simplified things (I think/hope) so I could nominally have 16 more stubs for location maps. Now that I'm thinking...the last 3 rows of buttons will have A LOT more security on the receiving end. Well, at least the last 2 for sure.

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