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10/27/2021 4:58 pm  #21

Re: Gamehole VIII 2021

Had an awesome time! Ghul and Shiny thanks for the fun games! Manowar, great meeting you!

Shiny, that was f'n METAL!!!

Ghul, how could you do that to the poor kitty!?!


10/27/2021 8:11 pm  #22

Re: Gamehole VIII 2021

Yeah it was great!  My latest installment of Lankhmar/Newhon games using AS&SH seemed to be well-received, as the party recovered what was left of the treasures stolen and absconded with by The Birds of Tyaa, in the story "Claws in the Night".  In addition, they recovered a couple of artifacts, per "requests" from Ningauble and Sheelba.

Was very happy to see everybody again, and sorry I missed those of you who were there and I didn't bump into.


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