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9/01/2021 4:09 pm  #81

Re: HYPERBPREA 3E Kickstarter Campaign Launching Thursday, July 1!

mikeyoung wrote:

I check these pages every day in the hopes the ritual will somehow speed the printing process.  I'm pretty sure it's working.

The books are still in layout at this time. I look forward to sharing some of those samples in the coming weeks. Cheers!

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9/20/2021 6:13 am  #82

Re: HYPERBPREA 3E Kickstarter Campaign Launching Thursday, July 1!

Have pre-ordered 3E from Leisure Games here in the UK!
UK based Hyperboreans it is worth noting they are still taking pre-orders and my experience with Leisure Games has always been good.
Very stoked! Cant wait!


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