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3/31/2021 9:17 am  #1

So now you have two problems

so...last night's Hyperborea group was attacked by some pirates.

They killed like 75% of them and as the pirates were trying to make their escape they grappled/harpooned the ship, "Stop and we'll let you live", said the pc with about the worst charisma.

The reaction roll was good.

So....now they have 2 ships.

With barely enough crew to sail them.

And the second ship is rather beat up at the moment.

That's why you make the rolls and see wtf happens folks.

It doesn't make my DM life too much harder...

How likely is that mutiny?

What? Me worry?

3/31/2021 7:23 pm  #2

Re: So now you have two problems

gizmomathboy wrote:

How likely is that mutiny?

Let the dice decide! I wouldn't stress too much over building up the odds, I'd take a page from Classic Traveller and make a Situational Throw: make a Reaction/Morale throw, that's what the PC's have to beat with their Reaction/Morale throw. Done. 

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4/01/2021 8:41 am  #3

Re: So now you have two problems

I would prioritize it this way:

1) Whatever you think would be amusing (always the first consideration IMO).

2) Whatever makes sense to you based on the actions of the PCs.

3) Let the dice decide.

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4/01/2021 9:05 am  #4

Re: So now you have two problems

Yeah, the mutiny isn't gonna happen for a bit.

The party put 2 of the heaviest hitters on the new ship along with  the "B" crew of sailors along 3 of the officers from the "old" ship.

Along with splitting up the potential troublemakers this will take some time.

Also, giving some silver as a "hiring" bonus is helping with the "it's just a job" group.

What? Me worry?
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4/02/2021 3:58 pm  #5

Re: So now you have two problems

Nice use of a reaction roll!  I've been trying to do more of that these days in negotiations.  Also kudo's to your party for planning for the worst.  I'm always so proud when they suss out those sorts of possibilities and plan for them.  Even if - don't read any further if you're one of my players  - they sometimes help me by pointing out obvious possibilities that I've overlooked!


4/03/2021 10:50 am  #6

Re: So now you have two problems

Yeah, once they board the captured ship I had each of the survivors do a reaction roll to see how they perceived the offer.

The "merchant", magician, and an archer all had favorable reactions.

The rest of the crew was split between neutral and unfavorable.

The favorable and half of the unfavorable (the "captain", an archer, and a "guard") were brought onto the pc's ship.

So...yeah. For the most part I'm guessing once they find some sort of land they'll drop anchor and do some repair work. If they actually get to a port they could  even complete repairs on both ships.

What? Me worry?
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