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1/17/2021 3:41 pm  #1


Having recently read about Charles R. Saunders passing I read and greatly enjoyed Imaro: splendid prose, great world-building and pulp vibe. I look forward to reading the others in the series, and highly recommend them for a pulp-Africa setting. I'll probably take a look at the old d20/3e era Nyambe products by Atlas Games. I'm assuming, based on it's RPGGeek ratings, that it's got good inspirational material for AS&SH.

"Rhialto said sternly: 'Sarsem, your conduct has been less than wise. Need I remind you of this?'
'You need say nothing! In sheer disgust, discharge me from my indenture! The humiliation will be an overwhelming punishment.'
'We are not so cruel,' said Ildefonse."
Jack Vance, Rhialto the Marvellous

1/17/2021 5:12 pm  #2

Re: Imaro

I had Nyambe a bit ago and it was lost in a culling of d20 product...It was a solid product but we downsized and so did my collection.

“How can I wear the harness of toil
And sweat at the daily round,
While in my soul forever
The drums of Pictdom sound?” 

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