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10/05/2020 8:44 am  #61

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Main Novo Grey Coast Main Map 
Was conglomerating a few changes with my map, but with a chat with Gizmo, I also adding a strip of land to north and south, adding Gal City and Khromarium. New changes to strips: Lake Nova, etc., new islands mostly, some hills and mountains, etc. 

Novo Grey Coast: Here: 

Also some fixes to original map....

Things Added and Changed (Inner Map):

Mount Stava; north-west of map.

Pass of Braunstone; north-west of map.

Riphean Downs (Gap of Riphean); west between forests.

Honem (town); south Black Marshes.

Zhairmont (Keep); south Black Marshes.

Dreaded Marsh; in Wildland; (North).

Clearwater River; in Wildland.

Forest; in Wildland (2401).

Kraggoth Manor (Borders of Lug Wasteland in its north-east region).

Eilean Cullens: Isles at Keltic section of Little Italy.

The mountain ranges are capitalized, but had not done that with Tikha Mountains, so changed to suit.

Extended Saar Brook to Dunbeag, this represents the local river near the keep (Dunbeag) called the Meander by locals.

Added a lake/marsh: called Dreaded Marsh. And river called Clearwater in Wildland.

Had created two Greywoods, one was an original from previous fellow's idea and I created another in south Greyland. I change latter woods to Fangwoods.

Also Redid dwarf tunnels to Dagr and Olden Hold.

Error: Had state 30 miles to Vikland in SE corner, it was in fact 90 miles, darn; bit annoyed about that one!

So that is that for now, cannot promise it is the last changes, but sure I nearing the end of this map and close to complete...


10/06/2020 7:55 am  #62

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:


Detailed map is detailed.


What? Me worry?

10/07/2020 7:37 am  #63

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:


Cheers Man...

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10/13/2020 11:00 am  #64

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Different forms of Isles

''Woe to those who mock the gods!''  

Well a few varied maps and pdfs of locations. The Cursed Isles is what was once New Amazonia, a quirk of the cosmos where folks might not want to anger a god? There is a layered numbered version (no text); not perfect, but does help with any number location mentioned and the texted map.

Ring Islands; a conclave of sorcerers and their land and Muncæster Region; a land of the Ostrobards that is populated before the land returns to the wilds further away one travels from the Ostrobard's capital; Muncæster.

Maps (at bottom of page):
Maps: Here: 

Text (Locations):
The Destruction of New Amazonia: Here: 
The Floating Island of Thaumagorga: Here: 

Muncæster Region: Here: 
The Ring Islands: Here:

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10/13/2020 12:26 pm  #65

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Fantastic. Looking forward to more more more!


10/14/2020 6:17 am  #66

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Cheers Iron, glad you enjoyed, posting another map later today...

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10/14/2020 8:18 am  #67

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Another Island

Due to the fact I had placed Blackbeard's lair on an island when creating my Grey Coast Map (including Brigand's Bay), I have created this small map of the island. It not text, so folks if want can use it for another location.

Little Note: I quite happy with the changes and being able to adapt an adventure to another location (ish), so feels good...

Blackbeard's Isle: Here:

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1/31/2022 1:07 pm  #68

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Love this! I need to combine this to my/my groups Whitemarsh area! Game geeking atm lol

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2/07/2022 5:49 am  #69

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Not see your post Chartauk, ah Blackmarsh vs Whitemarsh, got it.

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2/08/2022 4:29 pm  #70

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

lol not vs but adding both locations together like two regions,

Na Chuba! Na Gita! Negatorie Na! Na! Natoota! 

2/08/2022 5:10 pm  #71

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:


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