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12/14/2017 11:10 am  #1

AS&SH 2E PbP on Unseen Servant

I double checked with Jeff and he said that I could post this here for those who were interested. For those who don't know, Unseen Servant is a PbP specific forum, lots of old school (and some new) RPGs are played on the forum. The link to the "Looking for Players" thread for this game is here:
The basic gist is:

"Tamerlaine" wrote:

I’m feeling good enough these days now that I’m considering running a new game based on Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyborea 2e. My initial idea is the adventurers travel to volcanic island where legend has it a long dead culture/race once inhabited the place and worshipped ancient and foul gods.  There is treasure for those who are courageous (or foolish) enough to search the island.  
The island has a small fortified settlement that caters to adventurers. There will be factions of races on the island as well.  Still in the brain storming phase.  I’d like to see if there are enough nibbles to attempt this campaign.

Unseen Servant does have a two post moderation policy, as an anti-spam measure, for new members. But after you've made your first two posts, you are good to go. It's a pretty fun forum to play and hang out, and we have some (surprisingly for PbP) long term games over there. So if you'd be interested in trying a 2E PbP, come check it out!
Be well and happy gaming,

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8/06/2020 2:40 pm  #2

Re: AS&SH 2E PbP on Unseen Servant

Looks like another one is starting on Monday. This one I'm definitely jumping in on, woot!

"No interruptions! I am El Jefe!"
[url=www.unseenservant.us]Unseen Servant[/url] for all your PbP needs.
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8/11/2020 10:50 am  #3

Re: AS&SH 2E PbP on Unseen Servant

Gee thanks, Ron! 

This is the place all the heavy hitters hang out, you know. 

Here is a link to the recruitment thread if anyone wants to give some feedback.  



8/11/2020 11:48 am  #4

Re: AS&SH 2E PbP on Unseen Servant

Well hello Rob!!! :D
I like to come here to harass Jeff and Chain... and since this section is "The Tavern" it is the most comfortable to hang out in. ;)
Plus I'm finally getting to play AS&SH... it's been a long time and I'm surprised I haven't yet. Would've sworn WSmith would have got me in a Jersey game way before this. Heheheh!

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"No interruptions! I am El Jefe!"
[url=www.unseenservant.us]Unseen Servant[/url] for all your PbP needs.
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