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8/10/2020 12:04 pm  #1

Ring of Vampiric Regeneration

I use a lot of 1e/2e Content in my games; thematically I love the ring of vampiric regeneration-- but it is extraordinarily overpowered. Ive been looking at a way to reproduce the ring for AS&SH. This is my attempt, Id love some feedback.

The Qorml Ring:

A dark band of rough Iron, set at it's four cardinal points with small rhomboidal rubies.
This vampiric ring was forged by the Dwarven Craftsman "Balzoth Qorml" before the second battle of Gal in answer to a grave and long since forgotten pact wtih a kelt chiefton.

As an action, by expending one of the ring's charges, the wielder may inflict and additional1d4+3 damage with his next melee attack (or touch); the ring's master regains hitpoints equal to the damage dealt by the ring. The ring holds up to four charges & regains One charge each day at dawn.

"We alone of all mankind, who are sorcerers of high attainment and mastery, may endure the lethal ice-change and become breathers of the airless void, and thus, in the end, be made suitable for the provender of such as Rlim Shaikorth." sounds great unless you know what Provender means.

8/11/2020 4:24 am  #2

Re: Ring of Vampiric Regeneration

Seems tame compare to the Vampiric Touch spell which drains 1d6/2 CA for max of 6d6.

Perhaps charge 2 to 3 a day or a chaotic factor like 1d4 charges a day randomly rolled by referee?

So looks good to me. (but of course a rare item).


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