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7/30/2020 11:13 pm  #61

Re: A Crow's Nest Upon Bleak Shores

Thanks lige!  Time for Session 16 part two!

What unfolded next was chaotic, unnerving and violent.  When the PC's entered into the gruesome laboratory, several heads swiveled about to glare at the newcomers; all of which clearly "operated on and enhanced" only their bipedal state giving them a distinct humanoid shape.  The PC's on high alert noted an additional three corridors apart from the room that looked like a charming house combined with an orderly abattoir and tubes and glass and implements of unknown use.  Silas kept babbling about pleasantries and "experiments" about reducing "hostilities" as several creatures looking like sinew and bone and other protrusions of spiky nature quickly grabbed objects and advanced towards the PC's.  Then the cryomancer quickly and in hushed tones while invisible conversed with the bard to unleash a coordinated effort of spell magics as the rest of the PC's feigned affability to the newcomers advancing in their direction.  From a side corridor, Silas exchanged words with two creatures that were antlike in external appearance, but wearing clothes and walking upright as if they were humanoid.  The antlike creatures nodded and quickly vanished down the left corridor.  From the right corridor, a female voice in pain yelled "Get me the doctor, the baby's coming!"  Silas whirled at that and sped up his pace to the south corridor.  The cryomancer shut him off sending magic at him and revealing his true form, the hideous features now free from illusion and obfuscation.  As the workers in the laboratory sped up to the PC's, the necromancer summoned a demon. 

The demon began to charge the hallway brushing right past the creature that was Silas after gashing him heading straight to the door.  Battle ensued with a color spray going off from the bard to blind as many of the attackers as possible.  The ranger and barbarian engaged in a killing spree that was quickly halted when some of the spiky gray-skinned things pointed things that looked like dull silver rods at the PC's and jagged beams of lightning-like electricity filled their bodies eliciting a quivering jerky response from the PC's.  The paladin knew evil was all about and began to smite down these offending creatures as Silas turned up his attacks, launching vicious trident strikes at the barbarian and runegraver or all who drew near.  The bard was assailed as was the necromancer who launched another spell as a scythe rose up from nothing and began to reap.  The cryomancer engaged Silas as magic flew against magic, frost versus unnameable evil.  The demon summoned lashed out against Silas again tearing out great chunks of side, rib and flesh before charging to the southern door and rending it apart despite magical traps.  As the door was being destroyed, the PC's prevailed against most of the "staff" who had achieved a goal of wounding them all but not achieving the goal of outright slaying the PC's.  Thinking the situation was well in hand, the bard ventured down the right corridor to a closed door of a room where the expectant mother was.  What he saw upon opening the door utterly shocked him to inactivity.  The "mother" was surely a pregnant about due woman, but her bare belly showed a mixture of teeth and tentacles coming out of her in some nightmarish bizarre Caesarean section delivery as she cooed "the baby is coming"!  The "midwife" was another of these twisted beings that was torn between it's duties of helping "birth" the child or assailing the bard as he burst in the room.  As the bard stopped still, frozen in horror at the sight, the creature turned it's back to assist the "birth".  Meanwhile back in the room, blows rained about as the ranger and barbarian slew foes.  The necromancer's demon destroyed the door and some of the wall to the southern corridor as the paladin and cryomancer struck down Silas and quickly moved his body down the western corridor away from the sight of what was in the southern corridor.  The runegraver saw a well dressed man at a table rise in alarm in the newly revealed room but before the man could react, the runegraver sliced his palm, uttered a word of command: HELP!

End session 16 part two, final part three coming shortly!

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8/01/2020 10:27 pm  #62

Re: A Crow's Nest Upon Bleak Shores

Session 16 part three!  The impeccably dressed man's jaw moved up and down for bit, then sputtered" Of course." and began grabbing other devices whilst muttering about "controlling violent tendencies" among his "staff" while giving a peculiar gaze at the runegraver as if scanning for a recollection of how or why he was to help this "patient".  As this was happening new combat began with the ant like bipedal men blasting shots from some kind of laser type weaponry at the beleaguered PC's.  The rest of the group sans the bard who was still in shock witnessing the "birth" of this new thing met the threat head on and the runegraver moved to the south door to block line of sight from the newfound help.  "What's that?" the man who presumably was the doctor exclaimed as blasts and the sound of steel meeting steel was exchanged.  The runegraver said "Just call them off, help us, there's been a misunderstanding."  As the runegraver entered the room he noted a beautiful but immobile woman slumped in an extravagant chair alongside and iron automaton that seemed to be one word from the doctor away from launching a horrific assault upon the runegraver.  The PC's fought and bled more as the bard closed his gaping mouth and the door and in a befuddled state of mind hobbled back to the PC's as the ant creatures went down.  The ice warlock pocketed the gun, hoping for a spare part to make his work in the future as they began to approach the "doctor's door" cautiously.

What happened next was a long palaver betwixt the PC's and the doctor.  The paladin at his sword's urging to want to slay the demon Regulus brokered a deal with the doctor to provide transport to Phobos in the future.  None of the PC's even touched the opulent dinner laid out.  All noticed the doctor's wife not moving despite her beauty.  As the doctor rambled on about spacial trajectories and biological mysteries he then switched conversational matters to dealing with the mind.  A pallor of unease filled the PC's as it became clear the doctor was operating on various sentient beings with the goal of getting his wife's mind back as she suffered from some sort of infirmity that robbed her of her mental faculties.  Unsure of how long the doctor was under the sway of the runegraver's command, the PC's quickly hashed out terms of help and apologies for disturbing him and and his work.  After an amenable solution was reached, the PC's backed out and then quickly began to exit to the main operational area.  The doctor called out as they were leaving, "You should see my newest acquisitions! They are quite docile when they have rehabilitation built in.  I'll let you meet them as I repair the regrettable damage to my door."  Dread filled the PC's as they saw two misshapen things lurch out towards them as the doctor hummed a merry tune oblivious to the fact that his "violent tendencies repressor" on his "patients and staff" wore off once he was no longer attentive to them.  At once, an addled and insane mi-go and elder thing alongside the bloodied chief of staff at the doctor's manor lashed out at all who came near; only the white skinned albino with blood red eyes and spiky teeth and protrusions yet still able to garble communicative speech attacked the PC's.  Recognizing the danger of the the things from beyond, the PC's only engaged with them to strike and run for the exit if possible.  It wasn't.  The chief of staff could teleport and as they reached the exit bloodied and dazed and near the end of their existence, the barbarian made a leaping grapple to tackle the chief of staff here and bent his arm at an impossible angle and as the bones cracked he wrenched free a ring which sent the creature into a frenzy as they ran down the now unwelcome hallway back to where the bard left the snowglobe. "Take me with you" a young voice pleaded as a small figure ripping out "rehabilitation sensors" out of it's head yelled, "I can help".  In the chaos the PC's grabbed the youngish thing and ran.  Havoc reigned behind them as an insane mi-go and elder thing thrashed about towards either doctoral staff or PC, indiscriminate against who was the recipient of their wrath.  One by one each PC grabbed the snowglobe as they vanished from this plane of madness.  Huffing and anxious, they rose to a calm bluish white chamber that now exhibited some red, their drops of blood. 

Under the twin moons of Selene and Phobos they traversed back to Helios.  Must get healed.  Must be ready for the frost giants.  In what, two or three days?  And now with a chattering patient named Balthus from who knows where?  At least this one wasn't violent and in his chattering the PC's discerned he knew the chemical makeup of beneficial potions.  This little one could be an asset they reasoned.  However darker thoughts were at the forefront.  The tribute was demanded.  Would they all be ready?  One can find out...  when I write up about Session 17!

We played today.  First time gaming under social distancing but thankfully in person.  That one was a shorter session which I hope to write up soon.  Keep at it Hyperborian gamers!  Session 17 coming in the future!

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