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2/28/2018 12:58 pm  #21

Re: The 13th Warrior.

BlackKnight wrote:

Thrasaric wrote:

I believe I would argue Herger being 6' though =p

Agreed, he wasn't much taller than Antonio, and he's only like 5'8"

In fact, when I look at the group of them together, Buliwyf is the one I picture when I think of the "typical" Norse Fighter, Maybe Halga and Hyglak also, but Buliwyf is the stand out....

Agreed. Although I thought they were all great. I had read somewhere that a suggestion of them going around on the boat and they all get a bit of an intro was made.( I think this suggestion was made by the actor who played Buliwif IIRC) I think that would have been cool, get to know them a bit better, they start dying off fairly early. 

Has anyone seen one? Has anyone seen one in a hundred years??

6/24/2020 7:14 pm  #22

Re: The 13th Warrior.

Time to watch this one again!

Blackadder23: Insanely long villain soliloquy, then "Your action?"
BORGO'S PLAYER: I shoot him in the face

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