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3/28/2020 6:16 pm  #1

Segmented Phases

I had been aware of AS&SH for a long time, but it wasn't until recently that I got very interested in it. One thing that helped sell me was Dungeon Musings Roll20 game that's on YouTube. He plays it the way a lot of people misinterpret the combat phases, that they are strictly segmented (as in Melee happens before Missile, which is before Magic, which is before Movement). This really appeals to me, as I was working on a game that uses just that type of combat round (though without the two phases). What would your opinion be about playing combats in AS&SH this way? I don't see any immediate problems, and Dungeon Musings' game has been going strong for a long time. The one oddity would be the Movement segment, which doesn't make sense as is, because your movement is part of Melee, Missile, and Magic. I could see using it for running (double move).

Here is Dungeon Musings combat explanation:


3/30/2020 6:18 am  #2

Re: Segmented Phases

Headnote: I didn't watch the entire video, so I assume the summary of how DM orchestrates the combat round is italicized below. Please correct where wrong.
BLUF: the only opinions which matter in this regard are your own and your group's. The rules are guidelines (p.244: "Basic Combat Sequence: A framework by which the referee may coordinate battles. Each round of combat comprises two discrete phases. On each combat round, each side takes turns at each phase in order of initiative.")

However, if you want to further coordinate battles by stating that "each side takes turns at each segment (i.e., Melee, Missile, Magic and Movement, in that order) in order of initiative." then do so. I would not do so, as I prefer the more abstract notion of "you won initiative, take your action before the other side (within the two-phase constraint)." Segmenting moves combat more toward the tactical end of skirmish wargaming (which is fine, if that's your goal).

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