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3/21/2020 7:12 am  #1

Zorachus by Mark E Rogers

Since I must spend my weekend off hunkered down in my Domicile of Doom, I figured I'd add this bit of literary deliciousness for you, my friends and companions of the night. It was released at a time when it seemed the only fantasy available were Tolkien pastiches of high fantasy that I found hollow and prissy. I was in the Corps at the time and I had my full of Mack Bolan et al, though fun, which were what was plentiful in the PX at the time.

Then I saw this baby on the racks.

Zorachus tells the story of Sharanaghim monk - a renowned honorable order of warrior/wizard/philosophers - who is called back to the city of his birth, Khymir.

...a city built by the fallen angel Tchernobog as an argument to God against the creation of organic life.

Things don't go so well.

Available on Ebay, sometimes found cheap, other times not so much. Even though Mark E Rogers is better known for the hilarious Samurai Cat series, caveat emptor: Grim and brutal, this book is not for the squeamish.


3/21/2020 8:58 am  #2

Re: Zorachus by Mark E Rogers

Sounds interesting!

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