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2/05/2020 11:14 am  #21

Re: Xambaala Referee's Notes (spoilers - NO players)

Hey, kids. 

I ran my first session a few days ago, and it went very well. We'll play again in about two weeks.

Some notes--each player had to explain a debt they owed to the Witch Queen of Yith. Then, as payment for that debt, they were asked/told to escort a small caravan from Yithorium to Xambaala. We began just outside the port city, having travelled for a good week across the sands. Part of the hook is that when they looked into the crates and sacks they were transporting to Xambaala, they found an assortment of slaver's tools--manacles, neck restraints, etc. 

They took a detour to explore an island--I used the Stygian Library to create some weirdness in a tower. Soon enough, though, I think they'll head back to face the troubles of Xambaala. 

I really did the adventure layout and contents--easy to navigate, but full of ideas.

Thanks to all who offered advice!


2/06/2020 10:59 am  #22

Re: Xambaala Referee's Notes (spoilers - NO players)

Shincan wrote:

Hi, kids. When running Xambaala, do most of you handle the outer city/ruins area as a modified hex crawl, as per the map in the module? Each hex is 1/4 mile, so not quite wilderness scale, right?

My first session is a week away... super psyched.

Thanks for any advice!

The scale is pretty small for a hex crawl. Any party with a ranger or other tracker is probably going to be able to go right along the trail from town to oasis to camp to Palace. Otherwise, I'd have the oasis, mausoleum and ridge to the SE be the obvious features when they leave town and let what they choose decide what happens next. But unless you actively want to obscure the trail, it should be pretty trivial to get to a place that the anthropophagi travel to with some frequency.

Shincan wrote:

They took a detour to explore an island--I used the Stygian Library to create some weirdness in a tower.

Good call! Emmy Allen's stuff is excellent.


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