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1/28/2020 6:33 pm  #1

Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

I made a thing. As with most gaming things I make, I made it for myself, but thought others might find it useful. It’s a consolidated calendar listing festivals, moon phases, sunrise/sunset, and tides (as described in The Lost Treasure of Atlantis). I stress that this is unofficial and unsanctioned by North Wind Adventures, LLC. For my purposes, to account for the shorter Hyperborean day (23:55), I employed the conceit that timekeeping ends at 11:55 P.M. each day. A hypothetical Hyperborean clock would read 11:50, 11:51, 11:52, 11:53, 11:54, 12:00. Disregard if that doesn’t work for you.

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1/29/2020 7:48 am  #2

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Hmmm, I don't have time right now to roll this into my calendar pdfs...but I will.


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1/29/2020 2:22 pm  #3

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Yeah, if it could somehow have an unholy baby with the campaign calendar PDF, that would be ideal! But I converted to PDF and printed a four-page booklet that covers Tempest III-X. If you know what I mean.


1/29/2020 9:45 pm  #4

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

David, are you using the font, Moon Phases? If so, folks will need it for the lunar columns.

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1/30/2020 6:44 pm  #5

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Ghul wrote:

David, are you using the font, Moon Phases? If so, folks will need it for the lunar columns.

Yes, that’s true.

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1/30/2020 10:16 pm  #6

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Holy F!....that's a pile of data...

I think I only need to extract the tide data....the sunrise and sunset should be...close enough...but still. are a...committed human being...or maybe just need to be committed ;-)

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1/30/2020 10:44 pm  #7

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Hmm, the sheet is protected so I can resize some columns to read the tide times and such.

Although what I really would like is a non-colorized marking for the different swells. Like ! for 15 feet and * 25 feet.

Mostly so I can save to csv and munge the data about.

On a side note, what is the rationale for Phobos not to be visible for some parts of the cycle? Year 3 of the cycle (Wolf Vernal Equinox during Apollonia)

What? Me worry?

1/31/2020 3:53 pm  #8

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Protected, Can't add in the font differences, not modify columns

I guess I'll have to hack the password LOL...

>> PS >> I could swear I remember that there was a setting in Microsoft products, that would allow you to embed fonts into documents...

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5/05/2020 10:13 pm  #9

Re: Hyperborea Almanac (Unofficial)

Ooo just saw this tide data.  So awesome.


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