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1/15/2020 4:27 pm  #1

Hyperborean Hex crawl

crawling out of lerker land for a post.

Not GMed in several years but the imagaination itch is making me restless. I might not get a group together for this but i want to design it anway. 

So i'm going to try and write a hex crawl and at least map it up nice for somewhere in hyperborea.

so where to map?

My criteria is;

> im going for 6mile hexes as these map approx 4 to the 24 world map hexes (i doubt mine will fit perfectly)
6 miles is a good density for exploration in my view, any thoughts?

> I want a good variety of biomes / environments. I really want some desert, some good Howardian desert. I'd quite like some sea with small islands, and some stepps or grassland. Mountains and woods are of less importance.

> no large cities, or only 1. Ideally a hex crawl should be about exploring the wild, therefore players need motivation not to pursue city adventures and the rural area needs to not have too many settlements.

> variety of danger levels, ideally starting area should be fairly tame and some areas should be death zones.

> i recon total size 50 hexes - 300miles. That should cover a short-medium campaign if this thing gets run.

The options; 

1 Xambaala - Yithorium area, pros; lots of desert, starting area populous, therefore safe(r), mountains create good barrier to south. The bad - perhaps too populous with major city just off map, no reason for players not to head off game area to west.
2. Esquimux bay to north Zakath Desert; pros, could extend south to desert area, has colder area to north for good climate gradient, ice could be used to prevent players just sailing off, cons; no mountains at all. no clear map boarders
3.Larchmere Yys - Dagon Bay - Lizard Coast - Red Desert. Pros- Larchmere Yys would be about right as a starting location with the lizard coast and black forest being good harder areas. Provides lots of biomes in tight area. Also hemmed on 4 sides by mountains and sea. Cons; none?
4. Wold Phellora to Cap Calencia region. Pros; Diamond Desert sounds like a bad ass harder level area. High risk reward, has good mix of biomes. Cons; might be too uninhabitated (but i could just reinterpret this). Diamond Desert takes up the centre of the map which is unfortunate given it is a death zone.

I am leaning towards 3. I think it would make the most natural hex crawl locale. Partly its a question of much i want  to reinterpret the map and how i interpret the gazette. The map has villages and cities on it, but i assume these are just notable features and not exhaustive. 

ive started sketching out terrain features;
once i have a good library drawn and scanned in i will make em into paint brushes and use them on hexes either in gimp or inkscape.




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