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9/11/2019 1:53 am  #41

Re: Nightfall

Session 8:  The Tower
For this session we were joined again by ahi but rob and EOTB were absent.  It was a near TPK but the party was triumphant in the end. 
mike – Ole Oleson, Viking Fighter (Level 2)
terry – Sparky, Keltic Pyromancer (Level 2)
wind – Zambrosia, Keltic Cleric (Level 2)
ahi-  Talia Shirazz(Formerly TPK), Ixian Cryomancer (Level 2)
Lutho – a tiny red humanoid
Tiresia – a one armed Amazon
With the great horned beast slain the party turned their attention to the tower.  In the aftermath of the battle Von (and Lutho) decided to rest and recover in the shelter of a boulder pile while the Nameless Legerdemainist had remained in bird form and flown out of sight of the rest of the party.   The remaining party started for the tower when they were joined by Talia who had been captured soon after her foray through the gate and carried in a basket for several days before escaping.  Amazingly this was near the tower!  Hearing the sounds of battle she investigated and was astonished to find her old companions.
Thus reinforced the party continued to the tower.  This structure was made up of massive boulders piled up like a cairn.  It was about 100 feet tall and the only entrance (besides window openings higher up) was a stout wood door.  In front of the tower they found a post to which was tied the recently dead body of a bulbous headed lizard man.   As the party contemplated this sight the door opened, and a pair of humans emerged.  They called out to the party inviting them into the tower.   Though wary the party decided to accept the invitation and entered the tower.  Within were three humans.  One in armor and two others dressed in the normal garb of Torth.   They said they had ended the menace of the wizard lizard and offered the party refreshment.  During this conversation another man made his way downstairs.  He was disheveled and half naked – in one hand he carried a silvery cane with a golden head in the shape of a lizard.  He glared at the party balefully before one of the other humans told him to get dressed before he spoke to their guests.  As he was doing this the other humans said that this person was their leader - the wizard Karash - who had been behaving erratically since they slew the lizaed wizard.  They then offered the party a drink of the local liquor – Taranteen – a fiery substance flavored with native herbs.  After drinks the party was given a room on the ground floor and fell (too) quickly to sleep. 
They were awoken several hours later (all save Talia) by the sound of guttural voices in the next room.  Trying the door they found it locked from the outside.   Listening at the door they realized that the humans were selling them to somebody for a substantial amount of treasure.  As the negotiation ended they made plans to escape.  Sparky started priming his Eel Skin Gloves, Vambrosia cast Sanctury on herself.   As the door opened they sprung into action and found themselves in a fight with 7 lizard men.   Vambrosia scouted around to the open door of the tower and found that there were many more lizard men outside – including several heavily armored ones mounted on enormous horned reptiles and at least one with a bulbous head.    Vambrosia quickly shut and barred the door.   The rest of the party slew the remaining lizard men after a tough battle.  Sparky was injured and returned to the room to rest with the still sleeping Talia.  Seeing the way out blocked Vambrosia and Ole decided the only way out was up. 
They crept up the wooden stair to the second level of the tower which was a single large room.  They were horrified to find that it  contained a two legged reptile at least 25 feet in length.  It snapped at them with its dagger sized teeth and they quickly retreated.  Seeing a stair leading further up in the creatures chamber they decided to see if they could distrac the beast with the corpse of a lizard man. Rigging the corpse as a crude puppet they were successful as the creature grabbed the dead lizardman and began shaking it giving Ole and Vambrosia just enough time to scramble to the stair.  They made their way up the stair and found yet another one room level – the sleeping place of the humans.  All save the leader were here.  They sprung into action at the sight of the party.   The two civilians each put on rings and began to change into something – a process interrupted when Vambrosia managed to cast hold person on all three.  They were quickly dispatched, and the party continued upward after taking note of a large chest filled with gold and ingots of lift metal.
On the next level they found another room this contained a fairly completed wizards laboratory.   Of note were several human size “birdcages” and a butchers chopping block that had apparently been used very recently.   Vambrosia also found two stones that seemed to want to float around her head – she put those in her pouch.   The only way up from this room was a ladder at the top of which was a trapdoor that looked to open to the roof.  Ole led the way – to his misfortune – as he was immediately hit by several magic missiles as he emerged onto the roof.   He managed to strike back once but a second volley knocked him from the ladder and into unconsciousness onto the floor below.   Vambrosia considered her options but suddenly Karash appeared next to her and began a spell but he was not fast enough as she stopped it short with her sword.   Picking up the man’s cane she made her way to the roof. 

Down below she could see the band of lizardman at the base of the tower.  The bulbous headed one called up and  said for her to give them the rod as it belonged to his sire. 

At the same time the cane or rod began to speak to Vambrosia and offered her great power – as long as she ate one of her fellows – an offered she spurned.

Vambrosia held the rod aloft and threatened the band below with its power and she was surprised to see them make a hasty retreat.  Returning to Ole she brought him to consciousness with a drink of liquor and left the cane with him.  

The rod tempted Ole as well, more successfully,  but he was too week to take it up on the offer.  However he did look longingly at the body of Karash.

Vambrosia then made her way to the stair to the great dinosaurs chamber and casting speak with animals convinced the creature to give her passage for the corpse of Karash and the promise of release from his prison.  While the creature ate the corpse of his old captor, and with the help of sparky and the now awoken TPK, she dismantled the wood stair to the second level opening just enough space for the creature to squeeze out and escape.   The party were now the masters of the tower!


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