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8/02/2019 8:13 am  #1

Plane Shift

Does this spell send people to Underborea?


8/02/2019 1:39 pm  #2

Re: Plane Shift

Hmm, I supposed it could, but it may also be able to shift them elsewhere in the universe, including back to the "Old World", Perhaps to an unearthly relm (one of the Godly planes), or something like a parrell universe. But looking at the spell, It seems to describe a shift into the "Shadowy Realm", so It could be Underborea if you want to go that way. Your the GM, make it how you want...

The sorcerer transports himself and as many as six allies (all holding hands) to a realm unseen, a place of shadows, smoke, death, and destruction, where all is ruin and where dwell forlorn spirits, shadowy beasts, and other nameless horrors. Those transported by plane shift are cursed to forever remain in this realm of despair unless brought back by the sorcerer or some other agent. Encounters in this shadowy realm are entirely possible, as the referee will determine, and frequent visitors are more likely to garner attention. If this spell is used offensively to banish an opponent, the target must be of 6 HD or fewer and is allowed a sorcery saving throw to resist its effects.

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8/03/2019 6:09 pm  #3

Re: Plane Shift

Yeah, the guys from Stranger Things totally plagiarized us, but I'll let it go . . . this time! ;)

The intent is that it's a shadow realm, a mirror universe Purgatory of sorts, but like Black Knight said -- do what thou wilt!

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