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6/27/2019 11:43 pm  #1

Tales from the Bronze Lamprey

Recruiting for a a series of adventures in and around Khromarium with the tavern by the name of the Bronze Lamprey as the 'home' of the player characters.  I'm using the 2e rules of AS&SH with some home rules.  Characters will start at 1st level with maximum HP. Stats are rolled 3d6 for each, arrange to suit your character. I expect there to be role-play and character development and not just one-line posts.  I'll be setting up a Google Drive thing where we can all share files i.e., character sheets, maps, and images.

This will be the IC thread, so if there are any questions, please PM me.

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8/29/2019 8:19 pm  #2

Re: Tales from the Bronze Lamprey

ooc:  If you're still looking, let me know.

If not:  I'm waiting on a game in MW to accept or decline applications.  Right here on this forum I've gone back for more in the Scorched Sanctuary, and we're open to new players if you'd like to join (and honestly it's the most responsive game I've ever been in).


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