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2/07/2019 4:11 pm  #1

Simon Whitechapel on Eldritchdark.com

Just wondering if anyone else had read his work there.  A bit more purply of prose than CAS, but as a pastiche/tribute pieces like The Return of the Cryomancer isn't bad.  Definitely chock full of adventure hooks for a game such as this.

"AS&SH feels like late 70’s fantasy roleplaying from a parallel dimension where Frodo was unceremoniously slain by Conan." - rpg.net review

2/24/2019 7:04 am  #2

Re: Simon Whitechapel on Eldritchdark.com

Given it a brief read, must reread later. Yes, first thought was to add it to my campaign setting in Grey Coast in the White Mountains region. There is plenty of space there now that I have had time to think about it.



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