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1/21/2019 8:11 am  #1

Armies & Arn's Revenge

I had never heard of this series, and I was perusing the shelves at a local bookstore, and chanced upon it. This was a series done by a couple of french-men (incidentally the same who started Metal Hurlant, which became Heavy Metal here in the USA.), Jean-Pierre Dionette and Jean-Claud Gal. It was published in comic form back in the 70's and has been released as graphic novels since. I picked up Vol 1 of Armies and have read through the first half of it. 

I was blown away by the draftsmanship of Jean-Claud Gal (unfortunately he died, only working on two series, this one, and one called Diosamante before his death), his backgrounds are stunning and I can see inspiration for Hyperborea architecture thrown in there for sure. The stories are intriguing, and have an odd bent to them, but they follow a "romanesque" legion for the first few issues and then a character called Arn. 

This is worth picking up, and i look forward to reading the rest of this, and getting the subsequent volumes in the series. I think it was published as a comic for around 17 years, so there is a ton of material here. 

Here is the amazon link for those interested. 

If any of you have read this I am interested in your thoughts!

Del Teigeler, Illustrator

1/27/2019 5:22 pm  #2

Re: Armies & Arn's Revenge

Thanks for the heads-up on this; looks really interesting...


3/11/2019 10:09 am  #3

Re: Armies & Arn's Revenge

Thanks for this recommendation!  It arrived over the weekend while I was at Gary Con so I've only just read the first story but this is some seriously good Hyperborea inspiration.  That creepy dead city with its strange, foreboding architecture would be a perfect adventure setting.


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