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11/03/2018 8:48 pm  #1

Gary Con XI (2019) Event Summary

As usual, plenty of great AS&SH games scheduled for Gary Con! We hope everyone finds this quick reference guide helpful. If you have an addition, please post the details in the Gary Con XI (2019) thread and we’ll update this list. Thanks to everyone who’s running games and to everyone who signs up for them—should be another fun time this year. March can’t get here soon enough!

8am-12pm: Descent into Krimmea (Ar'Pharazon)
8am-12pm: The Black Moss-Hag of Lug (mordegast)
10am-2pm: The Devil Made Us Do It the First Time (ligedog)
12pm-4pm: Descent into Krimmea (Ar'Pharazon)
12pm-4pm: Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes (Zach Pierce)
4pm-8pm: Descent into Krimmea (Ar'Pharazon)
6pm-10pm: The Black Moss-Hag of Lug (mordegast)
7pm-11pm: Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Solomon Kane (Cloak n' Dagger)
8pm-12am: Towering Fortress of Blackened Steel (Ghul)

1pm-5pm: Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Solomon Kane (Cloak n' Dagger)
8pm-12am: The Devil Made Us Do It the First Time (ligedog)
8pm-12am: Towering Fortress of Blackened Steel (Ghul)

10am-2pm: The Black Tower of Mylakhrion (Ar'Pharazon)
10am-2pm: The Black Moss-Hag of Lug (mordegast)
4pm-8pm: Lost Cairns of the Savages (mavfire)
8pm-12am: Towering Fortress of Blackened Steel (Ghul)

11am-3pm: Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Solomon Kane (Cloak n' Dagger)
12pm-4pm: The Meal of Oshregaal (Handy Haversack)

Event Descriptions
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Solomon Kane (Cloak n' Dagger, Thu. 7pm-11pm, Fri. 1pm-5pm, Sun. 11am-3pm). In the winter of 1609, the settlers of Jamestown Fort struggle to survive harsh, unforgiving elements, shortages of food, disease, and unrest among the native people. Spurred by an urgent plea from Sir Walter Raleigh, Solomon Kane and his companions must sail to the New World and face an ancient enemy that poses an even greater threat to the survival of the new settlement and the very souls of those within.

As Kane watches their approach from the deck of the ship, his hand slips down into his coat, pulling out a folded, yellowing piece of paper. Reading the letter once again, his eyes linger on the last few lines:

“I beg of you, set sail immediately; I can arrange for quick passage. You and your companions are the only ones I can trust in this, the King and court would think me mad should I bring this matter before them. May God have mercy and I pray that I am wrong, but I believe a great evil is about to befall the colony of Jamestown. It is but for a single word that I say this, one that Captain White first discovered etched in a fence post during his search for those belonging to the lost colony some eighteen years ago. It’s the same word that John Smith screamed, over and over, only two nights ago during a frenzied, maddened sleep as I stood by his bedside, frozen in stark terror.

The word, Solomon, was ‘CROATOAN’.”

The Black Tower or Mylakhrion (Ar'Pharazon, Sat. 10am-2pm). Caught in a terrible storm of unimaginable violence, your ship barely survived. The following days were a silent darkness that pushed everyone to the edges of their sanity. The Phobos moon illuminates an alien looking tower that rises from the ocean depths, and your heavily damaged ship cannot seem to avoid it.Does this tower offer safety, or death? You'll find out.Levels 1-3, pregens provided.

Descent into Krimmea (Ar'Pharazon, Thu. 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm). The lost underground Kimmerian city sealed itself from the outside world a thousand years ago when the Green Death ravaged the lands. Recently, Krimmeans have emerged, bringing rare metals, fungi and other goods prized in the markets of Khromarium, and your party has been commissioned to explore Krimmea.Each session will start at different levels. Characters levels 1-5, pregens provided.

The Devil Made Us Do It the First Time (ligedog, Thu. 10am-2pm, Fri. 8pm-12am). Seven years after the sack of a prosperous town a band of former mercenaries has returned in search of a former companion who holds the key to finding treasure hidden during the carnage. For seven fighter and fighter subclass characters of 5th - 7th level; characters provided.

Lost Cairns of the Savages (mavfire, Sat. 4pm-8pm). A sandbox adventure to the fog shrouded Black Feather Island where rumors persist that pre-historic savages built burial cairns which hold untold riches, but are they ripe for the picking or are they deadly ripe? Loosely based on Howards "Wolves Beyond the Border" "The Black Stranger" and "Beyond the Black River."

Towering Fortress of Blackened Steel (Ghul, Thu/Fri/Sat 8pm-12am). Your party have rescued the Sea-Wolf's daughter, but after defeating the otherworldly horror borne of her darkest nightmares, you have been sucked through an alien orb, black as pitch. Now, struggling to regain your feet, you find yourselves in an uncanny desert of black dust and leprous lichens. A forest of scarlet cacti bristles ahead, and above it looms the Towering Fortress of Blackened Steel.

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BORGO'S PLAYER: I shoot him in the face

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